Gold making and pheons

Raw gold I earn 60k gold/week … approaches 100k in raw gold/week with buses. T

I only do rested dailies though on 5-6 character so if I sold everything maybe 150kg a week?

Yea i wasnt even aware ability stones cost pheons and blew through my whole supply trying to get a 7 7 stone. Now i can no longer use the ah, which means i cant gear any alts. Theyve stopped me dead in my tracks from advancing in this game. Terrible antiplayer system. Its like theyre going the extra mile to ensure they have no player retention

Here is my Weekly RAW Gold Progress, Una Chest 3x idk if it 1445 or 1460?

I buy weekly step by step Blue Crystals with Gold.

I dont write a guide. Learn yourself how to manage your dayli time.