Gold Mokokos actually exist or is it only for some?

I missed the Blooming Mokokos only once so far and I got a total 220 gold.
A friend of mine already got it 4 times, over 20k gold.
Another friend got it twice.

Is this only for some or…?

i have gotten an avg of 40 gold per day from it. some days have only gotten like 20 gold highest i got was 80.


I literally just got 20 gold after getting like 10 seeds… lmao
while this first friend of mine got the 4th golden seed of 5k gold

maybe I’m just unlucky idk
Same thing has happened with gold bars from una’s. Havent missed a single week and still 0 10k bars sigh

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Did it 3x


Saw a guy who got 30k today

So you’re included… what about everyone else? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I did 5 times, and got 4 times. It is rng like everything else in the game. :confused:

I’ve done it every day. I’m averaging 50 gold…I’m sure it’s not the case, but it sure feels like their rng system is a bit flawed

It is definitely RNG based, but everyone should have the same access to the swath of options


Events aren’t fun when your experience of said event is based on whether RNG gave you 40 gold or 10k gold.

Is AGS designing these events?

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Exactly the dispersion between rewards is to fkn big

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Yeah same here unas never 10k bar since release…and mokoko max. 80g ….it kills my progress…don’t like this rng

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With exceptions? I may be one of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this the only source of your gold? How is not winning jackpot stop you from progressing? I even stop using my una tokens and i’m still fine.

HONESTLY THE MOST TOXIC EVENT I have seen outside the ourage 3mins afk event we used to have last time.


I got 5 times between 20-60 and twice around 5k.

4.8 isn’t a thing btw, so yea.

With having done the island every single day and not amassing more than 400g TOTAL, it is not everyone having the same access to the “swath of options”. RNG is most likely tied to your account number, correct me if I’m wrong, and if you just so happen to do it at a time where your RNG isn’t going to hit, it’s worthless.

This event is actually the bottom of the barrel terrible for the general masses.

How about actually just reward based on time going to the island rather than this worthless RNG nonsense that you guys keep loving to screw us over with… Faceting, gems, skills, pheons, and the outrageous cost of everything due to that.


Lol people complain with the smallest things.

Would you prefer the actual calculation?

Here so you can be happy
(240 x 20gold) + ( 5 gold x 22)

Oh now it’s more than 4.8k? Lmao

RMT ? why ? are u going to blame ur lack of lucky to rmt now ? game give even gold now !!! we won.

Yeah this event is so stupid, idk who thinks of these things tbh.
I did the event every single day and I’m yet to get more than 50g… always feel like stop playing the game after the event ends and I’m the only one who still didnt get shit from it… would not be surprised if this event helps to kill this game even faster…

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