Gold Mokokos actually exist or is it only for some?

the event is awesome but what people got pissed off is the notification that is completely unnecessary and annoying to look at and then you see a bot name on it

Amazon Games is not, and has never been, the development team on Lost Ark.


It is an event after all, don’t base your progress on this event, if you don’t like it do like it doesn’t exist and play the game doing other things, but don’t complain about an event which can give you lots of gold.

Honestly, this community is full of Kakul-Saydon…

Like everything in this game, there is a bonus penalty for playing each day. Surely you have a negative probability that you get the good mokoko.

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people that never complained on forum.
Yes, that is true! AGS handpicks people and gives them the “Golden Mokoko Pass” Which you can see when you log in to the server, same as crystalline aura.

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You didn’t get my point obviously… :sweat_smile::joy:

someone has never played a mmorpg in their life it’s not possible, they cry for everything

They need to increase the amount of Mokoko seeds spawning. Having to fight other people for the seeds is the worst part of this event. When there are a lot of people around, the odds of finding the 5000 gold seed is very low.

i got 30k from a single mokoko a week ago

and another event, another 80g…
this is just dumb at this point :smiling_face_with_tear:

But I sure hope AGS have some say on what features are put into the game based on cultural differences and the feedback from the western player base. Sadly we have seen way to many issues with core progression and balance of the game. On top of obvious botting and bussing issues that are causing massive gold inflation for the few players that even bother to play at this point.

Everyone can see a slot machine feature like this isn’t based on balanced progression for every player. Reward players for their skill and effort. Not for multi-accounting in RNG events!

Doesnt feel like it, we over a week into the event i yet have to see a higher drop then 50g, while some mates made 5k almost everyday some even more.

Im not complaining about free gold but even if the system is rng there should be some kind of raising the chances for thous who hadnt seen a big drop once, even if lost ark got a lot of rng systems u still have pity system for honing or one 10k bar a week for unas.

Again, im not asking for everyone to get 5k each day but the frustration of this rng systems just stack up and id wish there would be at least a once a week guaranty for a 5k drop, i think this would be fair.

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for your reference, Una’s don’t have pity system for at least one 10k per week.

If you’ve been getting one per week, consider yourself very lucky

Source: have opened 55+(stopped counting after 55) large chest and never got 10k bar, and only two 1k ones.

I actually prefer this over maybe getting 300g per person with no expectations

Its a secret list. Everyone who complained on the forum about unreasonable stuff. Or is delusional when it comes to chance is on the blacklist and wont get the lucky drops.

So if u were not on it before u are now op…

Quitted 2 months. Came back and one tapped weapon to +19 and + 20. I Never been so lucky. Always pity. Always bad luck.

The heck are you talking about? How can this kill your process? I never got 10k bar from unas and only received 80g from mokoko event either. My progress is still fine, you will have luck in other events or honing so it does not matter at all. Everybody has at least 1 or 2 other in game rng factors they have some luck, you can not have luck everywhere. I mean I am totally fine not getting any gold from unas or mokoko as long as I save 1 million gold 1 tapping my weapon from 22 to 23

I’ve got one every two days, so yes

Just got another 30g. I doubt that xD

same here, except just 1 of the 1k bars. Lets pour one out for all of our fellow brothers and sisters.