Gold Mokokos actually exist or is it only for some?

The frustration is jealousy, and makes no sense. I’ve gotten 5k once so far, and it was in an instance where I was the one of the very few people on the island. Idk, it is free gold, I wouldn’t have complained if I didn’t get it once.

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i have done everyday the event and still didnt even got once a lucky mokoko… Sadge


yeah sure but I don’t have luck in honing too, pitty my weapon to 22 and now again 23….extra Gold helps you Progress

i dont think they exist. didnt got one since the start. i got more silver from event then gold.

i stopped doing the event coz all i get is 5g coins. and i get more value doing something else

love the event, done it every day!!!

more of this please

so far is by far my least favorite event we’ve had, i still do it everyday but don’t go out of the way to do it before anything else 'cus i know it’s only going to be 40gold.

if its ok for you im fine with that, sure there is some kind of jealousy involved like everytime someone gets 200k gold acc. and you never seen one since release. or someone first/second taping their weapon the whole time and u gotta pity how can u not be jealous, not gonna quit the game cause of that but that is not the point.

Even if i dont really care about my guild mates getting more cause its gonna help me too in our raids its still frustrating to not get anything and u see bot names pop up in the notification.

Roxx said “everyone has a chance”, but by now I’m sure there’s exceptions in that “everyone”. I feel your pain as we’re in the same exception boat Sadge

Now I think it’s luck. Today I picked a mokoko right at some afker’s feet (that person afk stayed in one spot for the whole time) and it was the gold mokoko for 5k. Had the person not gone afk, I would have gotten 50g like usual.

Why do you care? It doesn’t affect you at all. Jealousy over pixels, pathetic.

Roxx was right, everyone has a chance, most likely less than 1% to get that 5k

Pls keep ur rng events next time

I got a weird feeling, that in any RNG based game when you create an account, you have hidden “Luck %” roll, that will stay with you until you quit.

got the 5k 4x so cant complain. ^^

it’s all based on RNG I’ve gotten the 5k seed 6 times and a guildmate has not gotten a single one yet!

you think its just pixels, i think its my precious time. i accept your opinion but i dont have to think like that


Its ruining progress because its causing massive inflation and most people aren’t getting shit. Add me to the list of salty boys who have wasted time on this stupid event.


It really doesn’t matter what you think though. The event is here until end of september. You either are going to get it or you wont get it. No amount of whining or self-pity is going to change that.


I recently returned to the game. I just did this event for the first time, and was screwed out of seeds, I collected 3 seeds then I couldn’t collect them anymore, didn’t realize until event was over, that I had somehow accidentally picked up a watering can?? WHY are those there in the way?? :frowning: