Gold Nerf concerns

Me & 2 other buddies love playing this game. However, I’m trying to understand what the point of the gold nerf was? I don’t want to make a rambling complaining post but more so a genuine question post.

First question, was it that we were making “too much gold” in the first place? It didn’t feel like it, it felt like we were making just enough gold to enjoy the game. Maybe we were too spoiled but it really doesn’t feel that way?

Second question, was this to battle inflation? Are we following the same roadmap as Korea? If so, how is that fair? They don’t have a bot issue, so why not adjust accordingly to our specific region issue? Maybe I’m missing something major here? Prices have only gone up & of course I can’t predict the future but it will be months before they drop (if they even do drop).

Third question. You’re forcuing us level up our alts to do much more difficult and tasking legion raids to make up for the gold loss(which doesn’t completely make up for it). It’s tasking doing clown once a week(that includes the time it takes for gatekeeping), let alone doing it twice a week. None of us mind doing the chores and putting in the work but the type of work you’re asking us to do is extremely deflating.

Maybe my concerns aren’t legit? Maybe we’re all over thinking it but we can’t see any positives in this?

EDIT: I would like to add I’ve noticed people talking about leveling up your alts to 1500 which is fine. People have to understand, gatekeeping is real & I experience it often. It’s not cheap to get a 5x3 engravings. It takes GOLD. To see people say that gatekeeping isn’t real, is really frustrating. Sorry, had to add that.


I hate when some player always take KR as an example for gold nerf. Yeah there you start with hyper express ++ (1490), most of legendary engraving book is under 1-2k gold, relic accessories are hell cheap too, so there with the nerfed weekly gold means nothing and within 1-2 month you can easily build a whole roster what really useful and well geared for Valtan-Vykas-Clown and you can catch up easier to enjoy the raids with others and not do always death/jail content.

Now what i experiencing from all of this gold nerf that i should honing and gearing 4 character instantly and put 10x more time into my weekly gametime to earn similar gold as last week.

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The nerf does not benefit the player in any way.

Anyone who says so is either a dev receiving a paycheck, or clueless.

There has not been a single logical proof that this gold nerf benefits the players.

The single argument in favor of gold nerf (and a wrong argument at that) is:

Gold nerf → players earn less gold.
Player earn less gold → player can purchase less
Sellers get affected and lower price.
Player can buy again.

Let’s assume through absurdity, it will happen.
It will lower the price so the purchasing power of the player increases.

If a stone was 10 gold and I would earn 100 gold, I would buy 10 stones. Now I earn 50 gold, so noone buys stone at 10.

Sellers decrease to 5 gold per stone. SO I STILL BUY 10 STONES LMFAO. You fixed nothing.

Helping the player would have been a change allowing them to buy 20 stones for 100 gold.
Which is increasing the income of stones, not gold. Which is exactly what bots did with books, fish, gems. That WAS actually helping the players.


Your concerns are right and this change is terrible in the current state of the Lost Ark NA/EU.

It won’t help with inflation or prices at all as they are dictated by bots, RMT and hardcore players which already have 6x 1490+ chars, so they are unaffected by this change.

This nerf only hurts casual players and new players trying to properly gear their first character.


Isn’t that obvious? If your game provider cut you out of your in-game earnings YET leaving your costs untouched, look for your answer in Mari shop :wink:


My complain is even korea got this update recently if ım not wrong. Like after the Akkan release right ? We did not even get Brel hard yet… They basicly cut the new players from the game. Like ı would be okay with honing my alts to 1475 if there was not severe gate keeping at clown but… Even my 1500 alt being gate kept from the raid.


But the funniest thing is AGS lost it, as well as the players. The true winners here are bot operators.
Lmao at those guys who think they are ‘unaffected’. Nobody’s unaffected by this.


These changes will funnel in new players, since they can catch up with contents easier initially, and also to make sure the whales keep spending for new end game contents, since they cant bank on low level old contents to make the same amount of gold. Essentially, after all things considered, its good revenue wise.

Catch up how? They basically get free 1460 now but no means to earn gold after that. So nope, they are literally busted. It’s 1460 forever.

at least they get a honeymoon

My opinions why they did it.

  1. Only Valtan hard mode was nerfed, forcing people to do more clowns.
  2. Busses mainly do normal or Valtan hard even argos, they get so much gold and make them way above the rest.
  3. No gold to hone till 1445. People will have way to much gold, and rush through everything. Wont have to grind much because so much gold.
  4. Harder for bots to farm silver then gold.

Everyone likes gold, but giving to much makes goals easier to achieve and no hard work really, yes 1445-1490 will be hard, but every MMO has hard/RNG content to past.

another factor which led to this early gold nerf is also bec there’s lots of multi boxers in game, and these pple are bad for business, though i dont think they are that big a factor.

Low roster players running with super high ilvl. Removing gold to hone slightly stops whales just buying through content, now they have to buy silver or actually go farm it…where as real gamers farm silver…and can save gold for 1445-1490

Sooooo they made shitty raid and instead of making it more fun, they try to ‘force’ people doing it instead. Cool studio that SG.
I thought people play games to have fun.


Man if you dont enjoy clown, that is actually sad. Clown raid is so good.

some gamers want a difficult game, some dont.

So says you, but somehow most people complain at this one. Go check the forums.
Reason behind that is irrelevant, no matter if that’s because of personal responsibility issues or just it’s design. It’s least liked raid in the whole game.

The point is people have been docking their alt for too long so SG/AGS can’t make much money, the gold nerf happened so that players have to push their alt

they are honestly inept and incompetent thats the answer, the only thing they are good at is adding more garbage material chests in the store and make sure it works, the only fix they can do apparently is when the store is bugged.

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It’s a common practice in MMOs, nerfing lower content in order to speed up progression towards endgame.