Gold nerf is absurd and unfair to casual and returning players - give full gold for first 10 kills!

Well, the title says all … as a returning player and alt-holic I’m just now getting my 6 roster to Vykas and Valtan hard - along other alts.

It seems not fair that most old players benefited from the full and fast gold of Valtan and Argos and now people that wanna get back or are starting now will have a harder time earning gold - not to hone but to get 5x3 and lvl 7 gems on their roster. Game should cater to all playerbase.

The gold nerf would do less harm if like the first 10 kills of Argos and Valtan on each character got the full gold - that way the nerf still in place for old players but new and returning still get more gold.


We also paid grudge 20k per book and it costs us hundreds of thousands of gold getting our alts to 1490s so I don’t get what’s your point here? This change is net gain for all casual and new players that are trying to establish a roster. Not a loss, gain to anyone pushing new rosters.

You can’t skip on months and months of grind and then come back to complain how people who grinded for months have an ADVANTAGE OVER YOU. OF COURSE THEY HAVE AN ADVANTAGE, they didn’t quit and grinded the entire time.

Accessories are cheaper, their pheon cost is cut, there’s many other beneficial things that also happened that are reducing the need of all that gold that was removed, but you don’t mention things like that because your non existing argument wouldn’t hold any grounds.

We climbed uphill both ways in the snow just farming Argos and Oreha, and not many even us could even afford Argos alts before Valtan without swiping.

You saying it’s easier for who, us or you?

You’re welcome, by the way. Enjoy your buff.

Your main advantage was full gold on Ohera and Valtan for months getting your chars on 1500+.

Also, when I stoped playing the game population was much bigger. How will it look like in a few weeks after the Artist hype is gone ?

Prices of Ohera (used in honing) and pheons gone through the roof now, while the income for players below 1475 has plummeted. The honing gold cost was only a fraction what a raid ready character cost - didn’t read about free gems/pheons or acessories (that costs 200k+ for each character).

Also, what’s the down side on having extra gold for people that just started clearing Ohera / Argos / Valtan ? You could even make the extra gold linked to the first kills on the account or to the ilevel of the Main Char to prevent old players from switching gold earning for new chars.

AGS and SG should strive to make the game more accessible for new players - the easier honing is a step in the right direction , the gold nerf no - they need constant influx of players to keep their balance and the game healthy in the long run.

Yea, I’m also a bit disappointed - I hate to do vykas…
I loved valtan especially the gold was easy to get with less time to invest…
We don’t have akkan or other stuff… and all things ingame will get more and more expensive.
I mean just look how expensive the stuff in KR is for akkan gear… I wonder where this is going with all the Legion Raids still to come.

I’m one card away from LoS30 which I will finish with rowen select.
After this is done I will take a break from the game.
Also I won’t put any more money into it.

Not sure, sometimes I think the situation around the monetisation gets more and more complicated and unfair for the west.

Returning players get a honing buff to 1445
they wont have to use gold till 1445
oreha costs more cause lifeskill cost more… means lifeskill is now a solid income especially for new and returning players 15 minutes 1500 gold every day
you get for one character now a 4x3 build for free for more than 3 month
gems cost the same like 6 month ago
legendary books cost not even half to 6 month ago , thats 100k + what you need less to build 5x3
you get your relic set now double as fast from raids
also still have procyons buff for the first 10 raids
ark pass give shit ton of mats
3 passes to hone 2 character to 1340 and 1445
naruni event aswell

before the changes 3 days ago
it cost about 100k more in mats and gold to push an alt to 1490
without accs/gems/books

so even with less gold from that changed raids , its still double as fast and easy to get an alt to 1490

if you dont see that as returning player… then its still not the right game for you

if you dont know how this patch helps you , rethink whats really important coming after month back to the game an think that 1000 hours less than other spent in that timeperiod is worth nothing to build that roster

if you dont like the change , then dont play the game

its like going out tonight , party all night long, coming home and wondering that the is no breakfast food miracly came into your fridge

if this is not helping you at all , pay money to get more gold
or… you have to spend time

if both do not fit for you play something else
like diablo 4 , but first pay that 90 bucks

Have some truth:

and thats fine, cause its still a company who wants to earn money
Smilegate has 1 shareholder, im sure he wants his money

cause for him this game is an investment, if money gets low, he says what the 3 director has to do , to increase that money

thats how it works