Gold nerf is actually a good thing

Nerfing raids gold in Lost Ark is a positive move for the game’s economy and helps to combat inflation. Raids are a crucial part of the game that provides players with a significant amount of gold, which can lead to an increase in inflation if not balanced correctly. By reducing the amount of gold that players can obtain from raids, the developers can maintain a healthy and stable economy within the game. This also helps to prevent players from accumulating an excessive amount of wealth, which can make the game less enjoyable for new players or those who do not participate in raids as frequently. Ultimately, nerfing raids gold promotes a more balanced and fair gameplay experience for all players.


I would agree if bussing and bots didn’t exist.


lulz 1 valtan run now = 9 pheon to fix the economy remove bots and bussing and rmv pheon cost from anything related to rng (Stone - tripod) price will go up add a gold tax and sink gold out bit by bit through those for a more stable economy also bot would be done with a stupid captcha they dont do ut cuz they need big player count to satisfy the cie investor

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And it encourages the RMT, because bot’s still can collect huge amount of gold from una tasks and can sell you. :slight_smile:


Yeah I can’t wait to be gatekept on my 1490 alt for clown because he isn’t 1540 where that would have been less an issue for valtan HW clear


The idea is correct in theory, but not in reality. Prices will not change very much, or only by a minimal percentage. In the end, inflation will be pushed further. Players will not be able to afford proper jewelry anymore, and the demand will continue to rise while the supply remains the same. Goodbye new players and casuals, who are all just gatekept.


If only Valtan Hard isn’t touched. Imagine when you’re forced to do clown for that extra gold, and you’re not someone with 6x 1520 and can speed through clown easily. Think about it for a second. Also, Russia still has 4500 gold Hard Valtan and they are at Akkan patch already.


Gold nerf lowered cost on each server every time SG did it, but it wont work now? Ye, we are special. Also they target every activity that bot use. And dont forget we’ll get ancient accessories soon, so relic cost will drop even more.

if bots doesnt exist, Maaaaaaybe.

not true

It’s not a good thing.

People between 1445 and 1490 are hit with insane rigged honing rates and -20k less gold per week, with absolutely 0 benefits.

Until you get to 1490 so you can do clown vykas and brel g1g2 to not feel the gold nerf, you are in the bin.


It is a good thing, but people can’t use basic logic.

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It’s not a good thing because people don’t actually play the game but comment on the forum like they do.

Nice fairytale. As if the game is not infested with bots and they ruined the economy beyond repair. With free Argos gear and free 1445 honing. The only winners here are bots and more inflation will happen.


If the winners are bots it will be a good thing, since they will drive mats stones fish and book prices into the ground, helping players with the gold nerf.

Go bots.

It may be a good thing for you, since you’re 1520+ on multiple characters (assuming here, let me know if I’m wrong). For people who aren’t over-leveled, it’s not really a great thing; in fact, it’s like stomping on someone who’s already trying to get up from the ground.

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Not really. It’s actually stomping the mid class.

For new players? Free 1445 on all alts. Godlike.

For 1520+ players? Not affected at all.

For 1450 players through 1490 → ultra shafted. 0 benefits, no way to bypass the gold nerf since the only available raids are the nerfed ones. Need the same ammount of gold to hone to 1490, but getting -20k less per week.


Apologies, when i say “new player” i’m considering that anything under 1490. Bad verbiage there.

And what if new players are 1445 an all alts, can’t afford decent jewelry and thus proper engravings, and don’t get taken anywhere? Oh yeah… godlike…
This is pure pseudo-catch up, which will scare off new players.


Well you should have read on.

It’s godlike when you start. For the first 5 mins, Then you’re right in the 1450-1490 zone, where you will uninstall :))