Gold nerf is actually a good thing

Agree - I also think its more than little weird to expect players to play alts through harder content in the current nightmare of DC issues. Players have been very patient for months and months now. But forcing players into harder content with the DC issues will get more actual players quitting than bothering to get their alts through Clown.

But it’s pretty clear now that SG is getting paid per active user… no matter how many bots are going around. A proper developer would not be letting Bots have free 1445s and 4x3 engravings with big fat ZERO bot prevention measures for that content. But that is exactly what AGS just accepted. Talking about incompetence.

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Even as a super juicer with a huge roster, raids are less than one third of my weekly income. Quantity is the name of the game if you want to beat this as a lower level player and don’t want to push up to 90+

Nerfing legion raid gold when most of the inflation is caused by bots creating gold seems to make complete logical sense to me. I guarantee you if AGS even bothered to examine where gold was coming from, it would be majority coming from bots. KR never got this nerf until a few YEARS after the game released. People had all that time to build up their roster while we get this a year after release.

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Not to mention how they executed it. Things with that kind of impact should be announced months in advance not freaking overnight out of the blue FFS. This makes me think SG is either oblivious about what they doing or they don’t give a damn what happens to the playerbase.

Those who are happy other players lost their weekly gold, just don’t come here complaining servers are dead and you have nobody to play with.

Hourly reminder not a single poster has provided actual legit proof that the gold nerf helps in any way at all, the players.


They think that because players earn less gold, it MUST mean that inflation is going to go down so they can afford stuff. Meanwhile bots are still printing gold. :rofl:

Exactly lol.

Their wrong argument is this (citing economy class like they have a ph.d. in it while horrendously failing to realise they’re the clueless ones lol):

Gold nerf → players earn less gold.
Player earn less gold → player can purchase less
Sellers get affected and lower price.
Player can buy again.

First of all, let’s assume through absurdity, it will happen. It will lower the price so the purchasing power is the same as before. If a stone was 10 gold and I would earn 100 gold, I would buy 10 stones. Now I earn 50 gold, so noone buys stone at 10. Sellers decrease to 5 gold per stone. SO I STILL BUY 10 STONES LMFAO. You fixed nothing. Helping the player would have been a change allowing them to buy 20 stones for the same work. Which is increasing the income of stones, not gold. Which is exactly what bots did with books, fish, gems. That WAS actually helping the players.

Second of all the insane ammount of RMT and bussing going on in the game (and keep in mind KR got a bussing patch where you can access all raids with no lockout), means that the gold printing will be the same. This means that the bussers and rmters will pay whatever is in the AH, causing the sellers not to decrease any price, why would they LOL.

Which means legit players get the gold nerf AND the big prices, so double shaft.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is in for an extremely rude awakening.

Truer words were never spoken.
F2P accumulated so much gold already they are 1490, full level 10 gems, 100 quality on each relic set piece and just walking around Nia village tossing gold coins left and right because they don’t know what to do with their money!

Those who don’t participate in raids as frequently can’t afford them to hone up 1 char in an acceptable timeframe since this game doesn’t have many other options to get gold.
Yet everything is expensive AF due to abysmal droprate and scarcity ( by design ).
Don’t try to find logic explanation for a blatant cashgrab.