Gold Nerf vs People caring for new players

The amount of people pretend to “care about new player” right now are hilarious

Where were you when they remove early rapport gold ?

Where were you when they made engraving book untradeable ?

All these “outcry” about gold nerf pretending to be “but the new players” post are hilarious

Guys you can’t have it both way either the game is already dying according to you guys and 85% of steam numbers are bots

So where are these new players ?!?! That the gold nerf is hurting


Gold was never a problem with new players, I’ve seen quite a number of mokkos bidding engravings up to around 5k. The problem is clearing old content, not enough dps or set to do so. I only did 3-5 rapports for gold when you can reach “Amicable-Trusted” status.
The only matter devs to be keen on is to add dmg and defense buffs for old content.


People complained about all this in the same way as now. SG and AGS didn’t care before and they won’t care now. I didn’t understand your point. lol


the gold nerf isnt as big as the one kr got so theres still going to be another gold nerf in the future.
All tho the gold nerf isnt that big for majority of players its still 1.5k less gold a week for people that run valtan hard mode. If you also still have characters not doing clown but instead argos thats another 1.7k less for each character.
So if you have a roster full of characters right under 1475 you make 19.2k less each week which no matter how you put it sucks.

But the big thing for new players is the gold removal from honing all the way to 1445 which saves people between 30k-50k depending how their honing luck is. Which is pretty big as a new player cus you can put that gold into other stuff like accessories or similar. Some classes can get 5x3 setup of accessories with that gold and after that you just need books and stone.

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this gold nerf, at least based on kr server population, literally brings new player earning more in line to where their earned gold will be more valuable

yeah as if the game had any new players beside bots :joy: AGS and their dead game speedrun :joy:


given that west is drowning in bot generated rmt gold, its more likely legit players including new ones will be worse off thats it


people are over emphasizing the rmt impact, the insane amoutns of gold are spread on a very very small % of the player population who just buy whatever they want and then “leave”, unless they actively manipulate the market with how much botted gold they are getting they have a very minor effect on overall economy

RU got the EXACT same gold nerf were getting when breal hard was released. This is NOT the KR nerf.

I care about new players, but its an on and off thing
I help out on the raids when I feel like it.

Sometimes people make me care, other times I go meh

Thats why, is ags and sg slready give up for new player and casual? Casual are likely try to push only for main to do end game content. Theres so many player already leave and now it will be more player to leave. Then what? Dead game.

I mean, I’ve complained about gold being removed from early achievements, starter missions and rapport since it started happening. AGS/SG just never gave a shit. Not sure why you think people didn’t complain about that either, however; complaining doesn’t really fix anything, the developers can just say no or ignore your suggestions.

These players who creating topics about gold nerf are the players who playing 2 hours a week and dont have time for build their roster.

average rng is 20k gold, worst case if you pity alll 66 hones which is a statistical anomaly, is 54k. lets not exaggerate how much new players are saving just to try and justify how much everyone is losing


no the avg was 30k and the worst case aka pity every single piece was around 70k.

We aren’t in Summer 2022, you took the oldest calculations and the prices had been outdated and bounded mats got bigger by new contents.
One bag like blue guardian used to be 200x, now 1k and GLP 20x instead of 5x.

Even new road to 1445, it still requires mats cost. I had new alt 2 months before and it costed me around 8k to 1445. It was already discounted and buffed to 1415 and from 1415 to 1445 you get honing books from the vendor and has bigger chance by fused stone for free.

i didnt include any material cost cus its pointless.

it was only the raw gold cost for clicking the honing button.

So 1415 to 1445
Weapon: 1430 = 410 G and next 480 G.
Body Part: 1430 = 210 G and next 250 G

890G + 2300 G = 3.190 G minimum

30k - 50k must be unlucky person, who fails 10 - 20 times every gear, although it’s not long way to get 100% pity.

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“Where were you when they remove early rapport gold?” Restriction against bots, only few player had benefit from it.
“Where were you when they made engraving book untradeable?” Restriction against bots, you can still use for your own goals.

“Gold nerf” Restriction against normal players, bots did raids only because they wanted to bypass the 1375 restrictions, they get the gold from different sources just like una task, and selling mats, all of it automatized.

you want to include material cost and then you assume you one tap 10% :joy:

i took the avg which maxroll current is between 4 taps on +7 and 10 taps on +17 and the middle ground between avg and worst case.
thats without any honing books, honing support material or stronghold research since a new player wont have any of those.

But you are going to turn around and say you onetapped everything before the patch up to 1445?

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