Gold Nerfs punishing newer players, casuals

i would guess most would like to downvote it.
But reality is - that before this gold nerf from lower content -if you had lower lvl characters you would get more gold than with high ilvl, THis is not normal since the cost of everything when higher ilvl is a lot more

that before this gold nerf from lower content -if you had lower lvl characters you would get more gold than with high ilvl

that is just wrong… clown gives 4500 argos gave 2700… brel is what 8k?

and how many argos + oreha you can do (for 4700 gold per character) until you finish your clown + brel ?

Like if you spend 10 hours on the game - then yes, you wil lget more gold with higher ilvl

You loose oreha gold with what ilvl? 1415? why even account for that?
If u rly wanna tell me that oreha is worth skipping valtan and vykas then u are just delusional

AGS needs to understand there’s more to gold than just honing.

For anyone not in current end-game content (and actually many of them as well), this is an absolute garbage move. I don’t give a crap about removing gold cost honing to 1445. It STILL costs a ton going from 1445 to 1475 and above, and the primary sources of gold prior to 1475 have just been hamstrung even further. Honing isn’t the only cost. A major cost, one which impacts everyone, is cost of things in the AH. Your chances of actually finding useful gear for your class/build is damn near zero, and this move is more likely to just inflate prices further since people will be desperate for gold and earn less from content. Before this it’d cost anywhere from 100,000g-300,000g just for gear required to make a build on a character at any given time. That’s likely to just go even higher now.

Everyone needs multiple characters to earn gold just to play, because the content already doesn’t supply enough needed to progress, and now they’ve nerfed it further after over a year of total incompetence handling bots. It’s not just this gold nerf, but all the other gold sources they removed trying to deal with the bots as well.

So no, this effectively gates people out who aren’t end-game already, and is likely to just make people walk away the moment something better comes along…

Something like Diablo 4 which releases in only a few days, which I’ve already pre-purchased. Soon I won’t need to deal with this crappy game anymore. I know -everyone- in my friends group playing this dumb game are on the same page here (a whole guild is gonna go poof soon as it’s released haha), and I highly doubt we’re alone in that sentiment. LA had its chance to be a good balanced game, but at every turn they find ways to screw over their players, so it’s about time to kick it to the curb.

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You never needed to deal with it in the first place. Just stop playing. Simple.

Posted in other thread but
1445 → 1460
Avg Costs - 22,199 Hard Gold + 6,088 Fusion Crafted Gold = 28,287g
Gains 2900 Gold from doing Vykas HM over NM.
Pays itself in 10 weeks.

1460 → 1475
Avg Costs - 25,632 Hard Gold + 7,049 Fusion Crafted Gold = 32,681g
Gains 4500 Gold from doing Clown, Loses 1000g from Argos. Net 3500g
~~1445->1475 – Costs 60,967, Net 6400g, Pays itself in 10 weeks

1475 → 1490
Avg Costs - 43,334 Hard Gold + 11,009Fusion Crafted Gold = 54,343g
Gains 4500 Gold from doing Breal 1/2, Stops running valtan for 3000g Net 1500g
~~1445->1490 – Costs 115,309g, Net 7900g, Pays itself in 15 weeks


One of my old mmos I’m a multi-billionaire. It’s not because I went out of my way with an intense focus on building wealth, but largely an accumulation over time.

I was already weary of investing time into LA because of the end game honing. On top of that there are other multiple time sinks further gated by rng after that.

Just two weeks ago I dropped over 50k trying to get my +19 to +20 and still ended up several attempts shy of the pity mechanic. Not only was that gold from all 6 on the roster running their available dungeons but also a one time reward from collectibles.

As a player I’m expected to be 5x3 in 7+level gems and 1490+ for content starting as low as 1370. But really the overall experience has been I need to be overgeared for the content I’m supposed to be doing for the gear I actually need. And somehow I’m also supposed to be able to drop 60k to 200k+ on legendary engravings. Adding insult to further injury, pheons place further restrictions.

It’s not that I’m unwilling to spend money, but I do think its silly to have to spend real money on something you STILL have to earn in game. Microtransactions have become the norm, but its also gotten a lot more predatory.

The irony I see is the botting issues are a result of all the restrictions meant to “prevent or discourage” botting. Despite the bot wave bans I see them regularly, meanwhile I’m further discouraged to see my gameplay affected, effectively feeling punished for things other players do beyond my control.

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Theyll hit 1445 and quit. This gold nerf is just a predatory way to make some people buy gold with royal crystals…

In my game point, this will seriously affect, it is very likely that newbie players will give up to continue playing, after getting 1445. Do you think they will have the necessary alt to farm gold?

I myself am already thinking about giving up, and I have 6 characters. It’s very ‘’ boring ‘’, you farm with all of them, and in the end you get a ‘’ crap gold ‘’, at the end.

returning player here.
main sorcerer 1475, 4x3 because grudge is 20k in my server, class engraving is at least 9k.
Roster, 1417,1405,1399,1390 and 1370 and about 1k hours.

i returned to try go get to brel raid 2 weeks ago and was 1415 before.
But i was really struggling to get the inmense gold cost of getting my main far and i think i am in a point that i need 5x3.
But that is simply not possible. is just way too expensive to buy the books.

And now how i am even supposed to get to brel if i have HALF the gold income that i had xD
Even with a full roster and farming with all of them xD
this really f**** me xD

meanwhile friends who have a full roster already on brel are safe because they can just farm vykas, clown and brel for gold XD
i totally understand about the gold inflation but was this really the time to launch it when i don’t really have much help to get into 1490??

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What exactly is going up in pricing?

Most of the class engraving was priced in for 20k gold each. Now they are 9k gold. Those Marvelous leapstones for most region was around 200g each now they are 30-60g. The crystalized armor and weapon stones peaked at 20-40g now they are 1g to 3g.

What exactly is going up?

Honing costs (the gold per tap)? That is an innate thing. You technically make more gold too…

I might be wrong, but I’m almost certain that Argos gold nerf was in place in Korea before even the game release in NA/EU. And N Valtan/Vykas golds also were nerfed long ago in KR (way before Akkan release).

The only questionnable nerf that came into our version is the H Valtan one, which remained at 4500g in KR until the recent nerfs that happened post Akkan.

Diablo 4 isnt an mmo u know
you can do everything in that game solo

they wanted to decrease gold supply
but any moron wouldve told em ban RMT bots
We literally have proof they give band aid slaps to RMTrs

and prob ban mostly dummy accounts.
The gold mats still ingame lol

Still have to consider more factors like buses. Before this week, I used to bus 6 valtans and 6 argos on top of my raids. so valtan normal or hard bus was 1,2k ish for 7 people. argos was 1.1k for 3 people
1 of my chars make 15000 gold a week from valtan and argos only. thats 90k on 6 chars, plus brel and clown raids. Tons of players are not gonna run buses now cuz of the gold nerf. Before this reset, there were tons of bus parties on argos and valtan. Not anymore, at all. Thats a huuuuge nerf even for players past 1490