Gold price for blue crystals, problem? solution? botting? RMT?

TL:DR = Eliminate gold currency, remove auction house (kills off bots), remove blue crystals. Cant buy upgrade materials. Royal crystals only good for cosmetic purchases. Add more contents to find materials.

There are so many Free2Play Players that are struggling keeping up with this gold price inflation for blue crystals. Last week, it was around 500-600 gold per 95x blue crystals, and now it’s over 900 gold per 95 blue crystals.

Will there going to be some sort of balancing in the future or any way to fix this?

What what I see, a free market will ultimately balance itself out to equilibrium price. However, there is an obvious source of disturbance in this market, gold botter selling gold for dirt cheap.

That being said, users who are spending money to buy Royal crystals,
$100 gives 12k royal crystals
940 Royal crystals give 400 blue crystals.
Therefore, 12k royal crystals or $100, will give you around 5.1k blue crystals.

With the gold to blue crystal ratio, giving the current market, 935 gold per 95 blue crystals (9.842 gold per crystal)
and these gold botters selling gold around 0.43 cents per 1000 gold.
so how much gold do I need to get 5.1k blue crystals? How much money is that spent via RMT?

  1. 5100 crystals x 9.842 gold = 50,194.2 gold requires to make the same purchase that $100 did.
  2. 21.93 USD RMT required to purchase 50,194.2, to yield 5100 blue crystals, at the rate of 935gold: 95 blue crystals.

Because of gold botters and RMT, the inflation is happening at the rate of 4.56x Thats 456%!!!

This is extremely BAD for F2P players… They cannot keep up with this inflation.

I know you guys mentioned something about banning over 1 million bots but it’s apparent to everyone that still play this game, sees bots are still roaming around freely.

So I provided a problem, what is the solution?
Lets back track a little bit, why do we need blue crystals? it buys materials to progress faster in game. P2ProgressFaster, not P2Win. That being said, I understand this is a free to play game and developer needs to make money somehow, so they offer the Royal crystals route. But at the same time, want to make it available for F2P players by using gold to purchase (but we already went over this, F2P players cant keep up with the inflation).

So what do we do? What DID diablo 3 do when they wanted to get rid of the botters? They removed the auction house altogether, removing the incentive to purchase gold. Hence, killing all the gold botters.

Let say we manage to remove the auction house, what about Mari’s shop? Remove that as well. What are royal crystals good for then? Cosmetics only.
How will we get extra t3 materials in game since there arent enough contents? MAKE more contents.

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Expect the gold price per 100 crystals to rise to ~1.7k. That is normal. The initial 500-600g just happened because people didn’t know the value yet and basically nobody had gold.

The more people get to t3 the more gold will be in the system. T3 gives you tons of gold, way more than gold farmers currently can generate. That’s how the problem has been solved in other regions.

The current problem will fix itself. No need to change how the whole game (successfully) works in other reagions.

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In 3 years, ok, but NOT IN 3 MONTHS!

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Time does not matter much since we didnt spend years in t1 and t2 but got the start of t3 right away.

Prices in Korea and Russia were low as well till t3 hit. We have t3 earlier so our prices increase earlier as well.

You cannot expect low crystal prices when people already have 100k+ gold (without spending money).

I’m F2P (gold founder pack, I have 3400 Royal Crystal left, 2900 from my pack and 500 “free” from their gift) and I’m able to keep up with the inflation. I have 2 char in T3 and 4 in T2, I’m fine, please don’t use F2P as an excuse for your laziness.

I hope they will never remove the AH or I won’t be able to make gold, the ressource I need to keep up the inflation with Bot and same for Mari, she’s a keeper, we hardcore F2P need her, without them I won’t be able to push all my char to T2+.

I’m with you on the fight versus Bot, but that’s not the solution here.

And also killing a major source of revenue :smiley:

Their design is completely tied to their monetilzation, like pretty much every multiplayer game nowadays. So thats why they aren’t as willing to change the game in order to fight bots

yeah imagine not being able to sell stuff for gold? that would be so ridiculous. since you need the gold for most of the things ingame. like Stronghold upgrade / armor enchantment etc… and Knowledge transfer…

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Well with just 2 or 3 character in T3 you can legit make 10k gold per day actually without getting lucky on an accessory or anything like that. So you can actually buy for 100$ gem value in a few day i dunno where that’s expensive for f2p player.
Tbh i can put my credit card in the game but i refuse to do it when i see how easy it is to farm gold.
For sure bot is an issue but 500 gold for 95 crystal was clearly way to low. After 1 month i have been spending close to 13k gems in the mary shop buying upgrading component and card pack.
So for less than 1 month i have buy for almost 300$ without putting any monney in the game. I can understand the bot issue but for me the issue is how expensive the game is overall i mean a good T3 accessory 1325 ilvl cost almost 20/30$ and we’re not even at the endgame yet.

Well with just 2 or 3 character in T3 you can legit make 10k gold per day actually without getting lucky on an accessory or anything like that. So you can actually buy for 100$ gem value in a few day i dunno where that’s expensive for f2p player.

Yeah, never said the opposite, or sorry my english must be bad, that’s not my first language. My answer was for the first post of this thread, wanted to explain that even as a F2P player, we are fine, even with the 950-1k gold per 95 crystals. :worried:

Laziness? It sounds like you don’t even have a job if you got 2 chars to T3 and 4 to T2 in a month… Not everyone can play 30 hours a day.

People with jobs are even further ahead if you know what i mean

This is a horrible solution as it will most likely do nothing to stop RMT or BOTS, the in-game mailing system allows you to send items to other players it also has a pay gold feature as well as a SEND gold feature that allows 1 player (or bot) to send gold to another player. This is an even easier way for gold sellers to send their gold than auctions, making your “solution” pretty much pointless. Gold is also used for a lot over things other than the auction house, while most of it is used there to buy materials it’s also used for honing as well as buying silver (which most will use it for if AH is removed). Gold is also used in the stronghold for crafting. Even without the AH gold is still incredibly valuable.

Even PoE has tons of bots that sell items and currency from their own site and use trading to deliver their items (they don’t use the AH), because they don’t need to, so it would be pointless to get rid off the AH in LA. As long as there’s some way to trade with others, bots will find ways to grind items/currency with their programs.

2 Chaos x7 characters ~= 1 hour / day
2 Guardians x7 characters ~= 90 mins + 24 mins ~= 2 hours / day
6mins/run for T3, 8-9mins/run for T2/T1 if I have no friend here to carry my alt

Daily una x19/21

→ [Leapstone] I Can’t Just Sit On My Hands (Alakkir) * 6 = I’m doing 2*3 characters, since I’m not able to do 4 characters in 3 minutes due to loading time. ~= 7 minutes (6 bifrosts)
→ [Leapstone] Pest Control (Blackfang’s Den) * 1 = RNG, I usually teleport there and watch some twitch/youtube content in order to wait the spawn (1 bifrost)
→ [Leapstone] Prisoner Emancipation (Kalthertz) * 2 ~= 10 minutes (2 bifrosts)
→ [Leapstone] Playing by the Pirates’ Rules (Hypnos’s Eyes) * 2 ~= 10 minutes (2 bifrosts)
→ [Leapstone] Kadan Cathedral’s Exorcism Ritual (Luttera) ~= 3 minutes (2 bifrosts)
→ [Leapstone] Where It Belongs (Shushire) ~= 4 minutes (1 bifrost)

→ [Shard] Help Wanted at Hot Springs (Punika) * 1 ~= 3 minutes (1 bifrost)
→ [Shard] Ruffians in the Ground (Azure Wind) * 1 ~= 7 minutes (1 bifrost)
→ [Shard] Dance Time Redux (Peyto) ~= 2 minutes (1 bifrost)
→ [Shard] Crook Catcher (Runaways Island) ~= 3 minutes (1 bifrost)
→ [Shard] Fairy’s Friend (Vern) ~= 1 minute (2 bifrosts)

2 characters share, they have 2 bifrost for tooki each.
→ [Silvers] Taking on Tooki (Tooki Island) = ~10mins (optional, I’m missing sometimes)

So, I’m roster 60+ with Aura, I have 4 bifrosts per characters (= 28 bifrosts), I use 24 bifrosts for my Daily Una, this take around 1 hour, will say 1 hour 30 minutes if you want.

That’s ~260 minutes per day (if you want to run EVERYTHING, but you can use rest on alt if needed, dont push yourself too hard) without Chaos Gate / Field Boss / Compass Island / others stuff you want to do.

Imagine you work 8 hours per day, you eat for 1 hour and you sleep 8 hour, you take 2 hour for self care stuff (shower, toilet, whatever you want), you still have time to do my daily “tasks”.

Imagine a world where you can work, sleep, take care of yourself and play.

Yes, I’m using google docs and some text file in order to keep track of my goal + bynn ark in order to “check” thing I have done daily/weekly.

And btw, I’m a student & I work from home for a company at the same time :+1:

PS: As I said before, there’s nothing who force me to do that everyday, If I want to do an abyssal or even collect mokokos or Island heart or whatever, well I’ll just cut some daily una or guardian on my alts, that’s fine.

In case there’s new players lurking in the forum, this guy is describing a game LUL

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Good analysis OP just want to clarify the gold buying rate is as low as 20 cents per thousand gold on some RMT sites now for your calculations :slight_smile:

no thanks to your suggestion of completely overhauling the game despite its success in KR/RU originally.