Gold prices on websites are a good indication of how rampant botting is

I’ve been occasionally keeping an eye on gold prices on gold sellers’ websites, just out of curiosity to keep myself educated.

Exactly one month ago a well known website that keeps advertising itself in all guardian raid and abyssal dungeon lobbies (obviously impossible to ban) was selling 10,000 gold for around £21.50. I don’t remember what was the blue crystal rate in the game on EUC but I believe it was somewhere around 350 gold for 95 crystals (why not 100?).

For a couple weeks the price wasn’t fluctuating much, it stayed around the same £21-22. Today the same website is selling 10,000 gold for only £14! That’s ~33% less than it used to be. I don’t recall it being this low during all the time I’ve watched them. As expected 95 blue crystals now cost a whopping 620 gold on EUC!

Obviously these two numbers are in a direct correlation to each another. If you see blue crystals becoming more expensive in-game you can be certain that there is far more gold being generated by bots, which means that gold on their websites is much cheaper, which in turn means more people are probably buying it. Those who RMT then inject said gold back into the system making the existing gold worth even less and the cycle continues.

Also, the amount of gold that you earn through the weekly activities (abyss dungeons, Argos, Una’s tasks) is now worth much less because you’re still getting the same amount as you got last week or last month yet your purchasing power is that much lower.

Amazon and/or Smilegate definitely need to do something about the botting issue because if this continues it’ll ruin the whole economy again. As it stands there is zero reason to exchange gold for blue crystals unless you want to lose gold, which hurts a lot of people that either use Mari’s shop or unlock card or character slots for their characters.

What’s with all the silence from both of these companies whenever the botting issue gets raised? Have they given up already?


The best part is that people buy gold from bots to buy mats from bots.


Lol, true. I’m sure some materials do come from real people but in a way bots are laundering all the gold in the system :smiley:

glad i bought 20,000 blue crystals when they were 320/95

no chance they go that low again unless another big ban wave hits, over 700 now on nae


10k for 20 pounds doesnt even seem very good deal :joy:

95 crystal prices are in direct correlation to bot activity. When bots had that 14 day steam trusted waiting period, the gold needed for 95 crystals tanked.

Why are you going to gold sites and checking out their prices enough to know the current and previous exact prices lol

Like I said just curious. I keep seeing those bots advertising in lobbies so I thought I’d have a look at how much it actually costs. Had no idea if it’s $1 for 10k, $10, or $50. With all the talk about people RMT’ing I was interested in how much some of them spend seeing those 20k-100k accessories in the auction house.

Gold started at 1k = 1 usd, it is still more expensive than that.

Odd numbers are to leave players with odd left overs making them more inclined to either have wasted some of their purchase or make them spend more trying to get their “value” through the obstacles.

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he already said he was curious, you are just throwing shade at him.

i sometimes check out prices on stuff i have no plans on buying either, just so i know what prices people are charging for things


Money is easy in this game. Just sell T1 accessories.


Must be one hellava ring :joy:

Yea, lightning fury 1, need I say more?

those T1 ACC I 100% guarantee you it is how the bots are moving the gold from 1 account to another or from their account too the player no one is actually buying those

WHAAATTT??? I thought t1 was the real endgame. :smirk:

I love how Amazon claims they take the problem seriously and are totally trying really hard and stuff and yet they just ignore all these transactions they have logs of. Been going on for months with no one even warned.


Yeah just checked a gold selling site and for my server it is 10k gold for 11 dollars, and they have nearly 10 million gold for sale, which is up nearly 2 million gold in a little over a week.


Considering if you spent the same amount the “legit” way through royal crystals in the shop and converting them to gold… you would end up with approx 2k gold it’s a vast difference in value.