Gold removal blocking progression for new players

Not sure this isnt already been brought to attention, but there is a surge of new players complaining and “begging” in trade chat for 50 gold and has been going on for a while now.

Apparently your smart decision of removing gold from any sources at early stages included a quest netting you 50 gold which are needed to acquire what you need for the following steps.

New players are being locked out main story and unable to progress cause they have Zero alternatives thanks your decisions.

While fighting bots is fine and removing gold might be needed in order to fight them, all i read is what you remove, but so far, there hasnt been a single mention on how to put that gold back for nee players in a way bots cant get it.

Right now low characters are absolutely hell to play. Which is only a minor bother if alts.

If they are nee players, they just think you re dumb and leave.

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