Gold Rewards From Raids

Since vykas is coming out on June the 30th and we are only allowed to have 2 gold sources, I was wondering…

If you are 1430+ and currently get gold from Argos and Valtan, would that change once vykas comes out?

Meaning any 1430+ will automatically only get gold from Valtan and Vykas?

You stop getting Gold from Argos at 1475 once Kakul-Saydon is released.


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Thats if they follow koreans and we all know they didnt do it. They remove oreha aswell so i would prepare to be cuted from argos once vykass is released.

Oreha gold stopped at 1415 in kr. they are following it

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Get outta here with your facts. This was supposed to be a closed door session of the “torch and pitchfork committee” who let you in?

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Ok I’m gathering that it might stop when vykas gets released then?

Link us some info where u got this. Iam like 99% sure i have seen koreans talking about this and they were always given 3 gold sources which means they removed Oreha gold at 1415 but AFTER they released vykass.I think this video tell us how it was in Korea? Prove me wrong.

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It’s not in the Vykas KR patch notes, so it must’ve been with Valtan. Can’t check for valtan notes atm. I don’t need to prove anything to you. You can just check the notes yourself.

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Exactly ,stop shooting blind bullets.

You might mean inserting gold with a few characters at the moment each boss in the game gives you the gold until you reach a high enough level

As long as your below 1475, you will continue to gain Argo’s Gold regardless if the update brings the change or not This means you will have access to Argos P1-P3, Valtan Normal OR Hard, and Vykas Normal OR Hard.

Oreha Hard stops giving gold at 1415 and this is already implemented already. Going forward your going to have 3 sources of gold.
960-1325 - Ark of Arrogance 2 dungeons , Gates of Paradise 3 dungeons.
1325 -1370 - Gates of Paradise 3 Dungeons, Orehas 2 Dungeons on Normal
1370-1415 - Oreha’s 2 Dungeons Normal or Hard & Argos P1-P3
1415-1475 - Argos, Valtan & Vykas
1475+ - 3 Legion Commanders of your choice.


Oh sweet. Thank you

Not worth being 1475 is better to keep mats and be 1465

That is literally bullshit :sweat_smile:why would u lose content for being higher ilvl without gaining new content. For example: argos loss at 1475 makes sense only when clown is released.

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You’re not 1475. It makes sense for you to talk like that. No knowledge

That is why is important to have alts in this game. Once your main is on high ilvl, you cant generate gold from low ilvl content sources.

Having alts at at least 1430 for argos, valtan and vykas, is a good gold source.


Addition to this, I also found that having 1, tier-1 alt that’s targeting ancient Elvira raids has a higher chance to drop cards as compared to your main running them again.

I don’t know why but for the past 4 months, my main got NO cards from running it weekly but my alt gets it almost every week. Maybe luck?

1487,5 to be precise so thats another shit u have made up.