Gold seller bots sit afk on Opher for weeks - harvesting names to spam whisper

Edit: Just visited Opher after today’s maintenance/patch. Both bots are gone and no gold seller spam whispers upon entering. I actually have yet to see a bot in-game since the maintenance. fingers crossed it stays that way. :slight_smile: Thanks so very much to the team for taking the botting issue/concerns of the player-base seriously and working towards a solution.

Hello @Chastifol;

I’m really sorry about this situation with the bots. I can assure you that AGS takes this seriously as we know how frustrating it could be. Right now we have a lot of reports about bots and the Team in charge is working hard to take away all those people that ruins the gameplay.
I will take your feedback to them so that they have visuals on the situation.

Thanks for the feedback and the report! :slight_smile: