Gold Seller/ Gold Buyers

Ok, the situation is getting really crazy with this, can we have an update on people buying gold? There is no shot that with only 1% of the player base in t3 the price of blue crystals is at 1k gold.

When the ban wave came last week it went downish to around 700 again and you can see as they are comming back the prices are through the roof again.

I don’t know what to do more, I report I think between 10-20 minimum bots everyday, but it doesn’t help if the people that buy the gold get away with it.

This is a big problem especially for new players, this is not a healthy economy.

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You can tell gold botting is getting even worse simply by checking the prices on the sites they sell on. The stock of gold being sold continues to increase daily and the prices continue to drop. This means more and more gold is being botted even more than is being bought causing it to become even cheaper and causing more inflation :frowning:

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I do believe this to be the #1 Priority of AGS now, this situation WILL kill the game if more is not done against it. It won’t be the fact that they don’t release the class that you want when you want it, or that no new skins are available yet, or that honing rates are bad past a certain point etc. etc.

This, this right here will turn off any new player and even current players imho and it needs to be dealt with asap.


people are buying millions of gold but only get ban 1/3/7 days and keep their gold , at this point this is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen on any mmo, they know people are doing illegal stuff , they’re loosing money , but they’re not punishing them proprely

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