Gold seller reporting feedback and solutions

Hey Dev’s what’s up, it’s your boy Pri.

Look these gold sellers are starting to get obnoxious. It’s impacting chat and possibly the economy. Really it’s just annoying.

I come not just problems but possible solutions.

  1. Make area chat only accessible after completing a certain milestone in the game. Like the first MSQ dungeon or something you find acceptable. That way if they want to spam their gold site it’s going to cost them time to do so and eventually they will (hopefully) get banned thus wasting their time. Time is money friend.

  2. Make a right click name > report gold seller > are you sure yes/no so I don’t have to keep typing it’s a gold seller.

love you, want to see the game succeed, want gold sellers gone from chat


Yes, please make the option for reporting gold sellers quicker. Every time I enter a new area, I have to report 5+ gold site spammers, and it gets very tedious to have to type in the reason for each one.

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I want to see The gold seller gone but I feel that if this problem Has not gone away in time then the game will become Just one more game that is trash the gold sellers are a nuisance in-game you can’t see chat to read what other players are saying or posting you can’t have fun and interact on a social level with the interruptions and annoyances of Gold seller’s If I was the person calling the shots for a game like this I would just get a hand full of people to just sit in chat and only have the right to ban and one that is selling gold or wright a program that will bane from the game. It has gotten to the point that all I do now is sit in chat and report gold sellers I can.t even enjoy the game #banethegoldseller

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