Gold sellers in party matching

Every single page of any party matching in the game has a link to a gold selling site. Some of these have been up for weeks, same names, ilvl 1300+ accounts, yet they still exist.

They’re in every guardian raid page, every abyssal dungeon page, even in Argos party matching, there’s a 1375+ character utilizing this as free ad space for their website.

In US East, “Fairyheihei” is one of these sellers. I check the “Raid Level 5” category every day and he’s always there, same guy, still posting this stuff. 1325 ilvl character, you’d think if someone cared he’d be gone by now.

You can’t report this in any way. Support is as useless as I’d expect, telling me to report the player by right clicking them, blah blah, nice canned response, next… they’re not even from the same server, it’s across all of US East and it really shows that not a single person is looking at this.


same on EU Central and ive seen even bots that you can report are still there days or weeks after multiple reports.

I agree , pls mods wake up & level up your legs for ban bots …