Gold sellers Mail

So the gold sellers are now sending people mail, sometimes with attachments.

Are innocent people being banned because of this?
I get nervous when Amazon starts a banning wave, its never happened to me but I remember what happened with New World.

Anyway my advice for others is delete the mail do not accept the crap they send.


yeah my friend also told me that he got a random mail from gold sellers. seems like they’re sending gold randomly now… so don’t accept any mail… read before accepting! else you’ll be banned.

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To got a mail too from gold spammers. Wish there was a way to report this.

Just got one myself(no attachment or cash on delivery, just spam)

I also received mail just now. Not only spam they chat, they keep sending whisper messages and now MAIL??? O.o They are getting more advanced. I sped most of the time reporting them instead of playing. I hope they will disappear some day.

Report the user via Amazon support.
Do the same even if you don’t get attachments and especially do not accept the attachments - gold or items. This goes to anyone reading this thread, not specifically anyone who posted here.

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I just started receiving those e-mails also, and I have the same concerns. What pisses me off is the fact that there is no way to retaliate or at the very least block the bastards! I also receive “whispers” from them, not very often though…the e-mail thing started only 2 or 3 days ago, same with the whispers. >.< I hate bots so much and try my best no to wish people doing it some harm. >.< Then I hate them even more for making me feel that way =P

You guys can report these guys.
in the above image, go above the the bots name in the mail and CTRL + right click or just right click. It will let you report them ingame.

we can do that? I see it now!

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Yes 100% i have done it like 3 times today already on my accounts. They made that change recently

We need to be able to report them without to have to open the mail first , so they are left on unread.
Because if you get Gold income in the mail from something you sold , they will claim you accepted RMT gold , because you have bots mail too.

I started getting those too , but only 2 of my characters.

Do you see any bots getting banned? Their population right now is times 3 the player population. So why would they ban RMT? They don’t even fix large scale disconnects in the first place which should be a priority. They are absent from the game the last 3 weeks and counting.

Speaking of this old topic

They started mailing again today.

All my characters have a gold ad in the mailbox, haven’t seen them in … like a month or so until today

But dont we need to be trusted player on Steam account before we can send mails in the game , or i am wrong about that ?

Dunno dude, im getting them Daily.

really? gross. I had a nice couple weeks without getting them but they back again now.

i am annoyed by these too
reporting is useless it is a program doing that, they change the names every time and since it is a free game there is nearly no limit

simple solution: give us a checkbox option to block players sending mails to us that are not in our friendlist

This is currently on the radar but currently the technology doesn’t exist to block the sending of in-game mails using a word filter within either the subject or the body of the mail. Currently we are even unable to stop mails being sent that have the words “sell cheap lost ark gold” in the subject.
However we are able to stop legitimate players typing more than 6 digits in a row via the chat system.

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Ye all my roster gets mails every day the last week or so…
Annoying AF.
Do something…

just delete that shit without even looking at it, dont see why youd be banned