Gold sellers spaming in game while players wait in queue for hours on end

Might be just a drop in the ocean, but how about dealing with all the spam bots (manually if must) to thin the population? Maybe more players could join their servers during prime time.


I saw it too! They are spamming hard!!

I haven’t had queue problems, but man am I sick of chat being filled with bot spam. Agree with OP, need to aggressively stamp out the spam.

I miss the days when mmos had in game moderators for these things


Too much work. Besides, they have to count them coins, no time for moderating.

Oh, yes… maybe we get in touch with them, asking how they manage to get in the game so often and long to earn and sell this much amount of gold…for that information how to get in without ERROR or 25k queue I woud pay A LOT OF MONEY :stuck_out_tongue:

Working in shifts is the key.

they are bots, online 24/7 :stuck_out_tongue:
should i give you my account number? :slight_smile:

Yes if we get out them, there will be more space, and less queues

you can find them in dungeon/party making too. they open rooms and in the discription you find their www…

This is what you see when you first start and get to town now… One week in its official release and its this bad. makes the game look really really bad.

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