Gold selling patch notes

From the patch notes:

  • Added new preventions to deter gold sellers. Paid gold (purchased from the currency exchange) will have a 3-day withholding period. Gold that is under a withholding period will be called ‘withheld funds’. Gold without a withholding period will be called ‘available funds’. Withheld funds will be restricted in the following ways:
    • Cannot send withheld funds through mail
    • Cannot deduct from withheld funds when accepting billing mail
    • Cannot use on 1:1 trades
    • Cannot use in Auction House
    • Cannot use in Marketplace
    • Cannot use in Loot Auctions

Now please tell me I am misinterpreting this and need some English reading comprehension classes because to me this looks like it will do 100% the opposite of what it says. From my understanding if I am to swipe in game and buy gold I now have to wait 3 days to use it, but if i were to use that same money and RMT I can then use the gold instantly… Please tell me this is not what is happening, because if anything, this will cause more ppl to RMT! I already swipe enough, but if I have to wait 3 days after swiping i simply won’t bother, I only swipe when I want to buy something off the market, if I have to wait 3 days then the point of swiping is 100% gone.


yeah it look stupid since who the hell exchange to gold to sell cheaper lmao?

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This makes zero sense.
Spend money in the lost ark store to buy RC, flip it to gold, wait 3 days before you can buy anything with said gold.
There is NO-ONE buying gold via currency exchange to then sell via RMT, if people are doing that they are losing money on it.
This is quite honestly baffling.

So much good stuff in the patch notes and then this just destroys it.

@Roxx Can you please give some justification on this change as it currently seems really quite stupid.

It’s to prevent the charge back gold sellers.

Bot control has been doing quite well.
This means bot farmers have become desperate to grab gold from other sources any way they can.

Gold exchange chargeback is one of them.
If they get delayed 3 days they now have to risk getting their account banned and risk losing the $ they bought for having to wait 3 days before they can chargeback.

if anything it’ll further slow them down and prevent the more wealthy bot farms to think twice since a good portion of the more poor farmers have already given up.

More measures just means more hassle on bot farms to hopefully rid the last remaining farmers to maintain a more healthy stable economy without bot influence.

As more bots farms are weeded out the price of RMT will increase real money to gold and make players rethink buying gold as they now have to pay double for the same amount of gold.

It’s a step slowly moving in the right direction and we’ll just have to deal with the small inconveniences for the greater good.


Yeah this seems weird to me.

ahh if it is to prevent charge back then that makes sense… sad but makes sense.

but to those of us regular whales to have more money than sense (cause who puts money in a game that has good sense?) this change will either cause us to not buy gold at all or to chance it with rmt which is bad for everyone.

As someone who buys gold from the exchange I will not be doing that anymore thanks to a 3-day waiting period. Smh.


Surely they could have reduced this to 1 day…

I believe it is to stop sellers from using stolen credit cards. AFAIK that is the “new” way gold sellers are making money since they stopped a majority of the botting

this change wont stop that at all, they just now wait 3 days to move the gold lol.

This is 100% typical copra responses to problems…putting the burden on the field/customers. So we have PHEONS burdening us and now a 3 day HOLD ON CURRENCY EXCHANGES.

This problem is yours, if this measure is a result of fraudulent activity - not your playerbase. Stop putting the burden on your customers!

You need to fix this internally and corp should be taking on additional workload, tasks and measures where YOU carry the burden not your playerbase.

Your game publishers - you are field support/customer support not corporate. Respectfully, FIX YOUR SHIT PLEASE.


Botters might be using stolen credits

i already feel dumb enough for not RMTing, please, pretty please, don’t make me dumber


this is better for all the f2p players who likes skins
with the bikini skins too , people will be forced to sell skins to get faster gold = it will be cheaper in the market.

ofc the update doesn’t make any sense, but well :stuck_out_tongue: .

I’m in Galatur and yeah, i have seen massive royal crystals in exchange for gold in the list. Maybe those are stolen credits cards.

Nope, skins have a 3 day waiting period on them already implemented last patch.

Isn’t that only for non-trusted accounts ?

No, all accounts. You can’t even put them in roster storage.

well then , no body wins with this change lol.
only the real gold sellers , it’s more incentive to buy gold from 3rd party websites.

It will only slow down gold sellers that are stupid enough to use stolen credit cards to by the gold in-game and resell it.

The bot-gold-seller will make a pretty penny now, because the gold is faster available for their buyers.

Legit players on the other hand have to wait 3! days until they can withdraw the shop gold. Have fun selling your gold for blue crystals if no one will buy them on the exchange :wink: