Gold - Shop vs Bots


I’ve been thinking about the current situation in Lost Ark, more about the thing with the gold.
Currently on the server I play you get for 10 € about 5000 gold. With the bots, so for RMT to the 10000 gold. And let’s be honest, for 5000 gold you don’t get too much. Since the offer of the bots sounds much more tempting. Especially since you also have to consider that you often buy blue crystals with the gold to be able to afford the annoying pheons.

Would it not be possible simply on the part of ags / sg to adjust and make it more lucrative to buy gold in the store ? for 5 €, for example 4000 gold, not for 10 €.
I am then but the 10 € too bad for only to get a sum with which you currently get maybe 40 pheons.
I personally think that this would be a nice measure.
You can not totally undercut the price of the bots, but at least make it more appealing.

isn’t the €/$ to gold ratio controlled by player market?

Yes it is. Currently the price is set that royal crystals are traded in bundles of 238, when someone sells that bundle, it is bought by players, then that gold is given to the Royal crystal seller. 95 blue crystals are then given to the crystal buyer.

The post proposes to reduce the price of royal crystals. I believe that would simply inflate the supply of royal crystals. Without sufficient demand increase, this would lead to a decrease in crystal cost, most likely leaving you where you started.

Price match vs bot price :joy:

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But what about giving u more royal for ur money ?

ok~ur thinking is aboslutely correct. there is another post talking about the exact same topic. However, personally i think ur post will last only till tomorrow monring when amazon staff back online since ur post indirectly advertising for RMT.

It would be a 10 minutes fix and it would even fix bots if they bring the goldprices to the rate of the gold sellers.

No, there is a rate which is set by AGS. You can check it out on the gold exchange tab, if you click into the description session.

Ok forum: #PermaBanRMTPlayers