Gold Spam Solved?

Since the patch I haven’t seen any goldspammers in chat, I can finally see people having actual convos etc… Is that just me getting lucky? Or is it the same for you guys?

In any case I’m glad I only have actual people talking in the chats now instead of spam.

Goodjob SMG/AGS and thanks

For me it went from (Launch Day +2)

spam spam spam spam spam

(The Great Purge of Bots)

spam spam spam

(Maintenance with launch of Arkesia Grand Prix)

spam spam spam spam spam

(3/24 Maintenance)


SPAM is good btw with steaming hot white rice and some sesame oil


I got a triple gold spam whisper just a few minutes ago. Don’t know how they managed that when I hadn’t said anything in chat in over an hour and was sitting in the middle of the ocean.

My recent players list was empty and I don’t think there’s a /who command.

I mean the bots arent 100% gone but you can tell by AH prices, blue crystal prices, and Bot spam offers for gold veing 3x the price, thar it definitely had a major impact

Oh yea I bet there are still plenty, just noticed none spamming chat

Oh damn, and do u have them spamming in general chat too? Or do they operate in whisper only now?

Area chats too.

Ahh that sucks, guess I’m lucky then.

It feels random. I’ll go hours without a single gold spammer and then they’re everywhere. Also the economy on Azena got slightly better for a few days but now it’s stagnate at “pretty bad still”. Also Expert/Master craft kits went down 50% each in price for some reason.

Interesting good to know. It seems it has gotten at the very least a bit better then haha

We will never get to 0 bot
Even more we won’t get in a better bot situation than WoW/FFXIV.

And it was excpected that this week patch/changes wouldn’t be enough to get the problem to a level of “is ok”. Even more because they will find fast enough way to counter it in efficient way

BUT it feels that there is, for now, some really good results. and it gives time to get better on it… lets hope !

No, I’ve seen plenty of spam. I think I got whispered 6 times on one of my alts as soon as I logged in last night as well. I haven’t ran through some of the zones since patch however, so I haven’t seen how many trains there still are, but I’ve seen a couple teleporting.

I’m still seeing lots of gold spam on Vykas. Still getting the whispers too. Still see tons of speed hacking, wall clipping, gold farm bots in the first 7 or so continents too.

From what I can tell, on Vykas at least, nothing has changed since the update.

Oh no for sure it’s impossible unless they would do it like KR and bind your character to your ID. Which is impossible for the whole EU probably.

But tbh every little patch seems to do something, it’s not A LOT but its something haha

i never got any whispers from goldsellers
Was it a true problem ? (honest question)

Hmmm Interesting perhaps depends on servers etc, I’m speaking from Neria server in EUC

As other have said it will never be 100% gone but definitely agree that it has massively reduced, i mean you can view RMT prices online etc along with the cost of things on the market, the latest efforts from AGS have definitely had a big impact on bots and gold sellers.

Yes i saw someone post that prices almost tripled, so seems to certainly had a massive impact Muahaha

The other night, every single time I would log into a character in Vern Castle, or sometimes even stepping onto the docks I would get whispered 3 times back to back. I could come out of a guardian raid, and be whispered 3 times. It was pretty bad.

Sometimes if you just decided to chat in area (ocean) chat you would get whispered. Just the other day, as well, I put an emote in chat and got whispered.

Oh wow I never had that happen or heard of it, that’s pretty insane. Let’s hope every coming patch has some sort of minor thing that may help. Just as it has been with the latest one for me