Gold transfer question

I want to send my friend 12k gold to help him ilvl up an alt .
but with everything, i hear lately I’m kinda worried lol.
could I get banned for sending a friend gold?

Nope, if you got the gold in a legitimate way, and you are on the same server, is ok. I often borrow gold to my friends all the time, since I usually get too much for what I spend, and we always do content together.

you’ll be fine bb can i be your friend too?

It’s a friend I grow up with lol xD

I can be the friend you grow old with :blush:


hahahahahaha :joy:

I guess 12k is fine. Someone on here got banned for 55k.

You’ll be find sending golds to your friend.

I think I remember this one, he was unbanned later. Personally the most I ever transfered to a friend was 16k, so he could buy a skin… for an alt… it really was a waste but whatever.