Gold Value For New Skins (How to take advantage of RMTers Gold)

Hey everyone! I’ve seen some of you guys putting your skins on the AH for a lot cheaper than they are worth! Using the current USD to Gold price via RMT and comparing that to amazons best royal crystal to usd value pack I made a quick sheet to let you guys know the minimum I suggest you sell your skin packs for to keep up with the RMT gold inflation!

Selling any lower than this means you are allowing RMTers to get the skins at a cheaper price than they would had they bought from the in game shop directly so make sure you don’t give them that privilege and take their gold away from them :wink:

Hope it helps someone~


Ok i have a few questions here. How is 40$ equal to 100000 gold? 40$/€ worth of royal crystals equal to 17k gold in the currency exchange. Also how does that work when you can buy the skins only with shop only royal crystals and not with gold/blue crystals? What am i missing?

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skins are sold on auction house

40$ =100k gold if you buy from 3rd party sites which is what these prices are based off of. This is not the amazon crystal to gold exchange rate. You can buy the skins with royal crystals and sell them on the AH for gold.

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the market decides what they want to pay for, if you were on the forums you would know no one likes this skin if you bought a shit ton to try to sell thats on you without doing your research, the price of this thing will plummet

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My question here is why do you know the gold prices? :smiley:

Its spammed 24/7 in area chat


You can just do simple calculus, bot spam $0.5 = 1k gold in chat just multiply it up

look at my post history, I’ve been tracking and posting botting/RMT related info for people on the forums and the CM’s to see since the game launched. I will continue to post info on them and methods to counter them until they’re gone :joy:


so if anything since many people are RMT and not getting banned we should sell the costume same price as their bot gold selling price conversion which is 80k for the full set instead of cheap 20k

Agreed! I just put this out there for whoever may be interested :slight_smile: As more in demand items come out I will continue to provide these comparisons :slight_smile:

Selling an item with price is up to an owner. Gaining 52K gold isnt easy

Yea, sorry i totally forgot there are bots that are spamming the prices in chat xD

Yup! These RMTers will want to buy it at a discounted price than the in game shop which is one of the reasons some people RMT in the first place so don’t let them! :slight_smile:

It’s very easy for bots and people who buy from them so if you want some quick easy gold and buy skins in game sell them in the AH for the price I suggest :slight_smile:

This post also makes it a lot more expensive than what it is actually worth when factoring in the in-game currency exchange feature. You’re screwing the legit buyers too. Oh, and you’re incentivizing RMT’ers to spend more through illegal vendors, which only incentivizes those vendors to keep doing what they’re doing, lol. C’mon.

So basically, if you want to get banned in the future you can follow this sheet. Like any bot that exists at the moment will get banned sooner and later, and every gold/item exchange they ever did will get checked easily. Do you think you keep your freshly bought 100k gold when the bot host gets banned? We already see how people got banned cus they bought a mount from the market that got returned by the buyer later on. If they 100% confirmed a bot they can just ban everyone that received stuff from them because buying from 3rd party is against the ToS.

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NOPE, amazon cant ban you for selling your skins at a price you choose. You bought it for $ in the in game shop legitimately. You can sell it in the ah for as much as you like. It’s up to the buyer if they want to pay or not. It’s amazons problem to deal with the botters.

What if you make another steam account and buy gold with it, then put something for sale with your main account and buy it with the other account?

you would have had to pay money in the in game shop to buy it on the other account? It makes no sense you’re paying for it twice for what?