Golden Cloud Dash Distance Nerf after CD “reversion”

The recent hotfix brought back the 5-second cooldown on the Gold Radiant Cloud mount but with a major caveat: a massive spacebar distance nerf. This change in my honestly feels worse than the 8-sec CD version. I know AGS/SG want to attend to player concerns, but this just seems needlessly deceptive.


The cloud needs to be nerfed. I own it and I’m saying it.

There shouldn’t be that much difference in mount performance.
It should be about aesthetics.

I don’t see how the original nerf could have been a ‘bug’ in the first place.


Then why selling it in the first place with a false value?

Is there no QA-Team?

That’s clearly bait.


@Roxx This is so messy… There has been zero accountability so far for all the mistakes and misrepresentations in the most recent patch notes and subsequent hotfix.

I 100% agree with you, def needs a nerf.

What it doesnt need, is a lack of communications about said nerf, or shadow nerf.

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Then offer refunds, I bought this on my 2nd account and my wives account JUST for the perks of the cloud being fastest.

It’s not a game balance thing, like balancing classes, it is an aesthetic that moves slightly faster than other mounts with short CD. Unfortunately they just set a precedent for mount speed.

On the flip coin I will use my Golden Terepion over it any day regardless. The cloud is just the best of cash shop mounts, and doesn’t need a nerf.


Changing a product AFTER purchase is a really gross. People paid real money for said product for how it was originally released. Changing the product post release is really scummy.


It is only available using real money like $40 right? It needs clear communication and offer a refund I think. This can be serious issue @Roxx

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There is a speed diff between mounts and ppl pay for it for the speed. And now they telling us it’s a bug. Does it mean that any mounts selling in the market that move slightly faster than others might be nerfed later and ppl should not purchase any mounts for its performance? What a joke.

So cmiiw here… If it needs to be reverted back because some people use real money to buy it because it’s OP and have a shorter cooldown. Don’t you think they should also revert some classes nerf in the future because people use real money to build their character ??

The people trying to play the AH market on these are in shambles.

What SG/AG did with this is basically scamming their customers. That’s a fact. Nothing subjective about it. You pay for something with real money and expect to have what you paid for. Changing a product after it was sold opens up the company for legal action.

This isn’t some minor thing because this makes customers not want to buy anything from the store that will cheat you out of what you paid for.

Can you comment or give any info on why this happened? @Roxx

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you payed for an orange cloud cosmetic, do you not still have that?

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People saying it needs to be nerfed or that it was a bug are insane. The cereberus mount has been the best mount by far since the launch. A double dash jump that travels half the screen? Never nerfed. Why would we expect the cloud mount to be nerfed? Every class has different dashes, cooldowns, distances. Every mount is the same. Either equalize them all entirely so they’re purely cosmetic, or don’t. But selectively ninja nerfing a cash shop mount that people bought because of the benefits is scummy and deceptive.


I understand the nerf and I have it too
I just dont like how they’re doing it underhandedly without telling everyone, like we’re some kind of idiots who won’t notice

Yes, I agree with this sentiment. AGS just needs to be more transparent with their intentions. The first stealth nerf on the cooldown was a blunder on the AGS announcements team. Now they’ve done it again by excluding the dash distance nerf from the patch notes.

Honestly who cares about mount speed anyway? Its not like the game is biased around world pvp and you’re getting hunted down by people on faster mounts… WOW, the guy on the cloud is going to get to moake 2 secs faster than me to sit there for 5-10 mins , cool congrats on your cloud dood! So silly to complain about mount speed in a game like this. No reason to nerf the mounts either Amazon / Smilegate. Let the players have their fun =)

When apes evolved into humans, they gained this thing called executive function.

It was the ability to plan, sort and use information effectively. The mount was clearly not right, if you’re stupid enough to buy it, then all I can say is HA HA HA…ape.

Probably is and it should not be tolerated.

Mount speed was normalized for a reason and having drastically different movement skills defeats the point. I doubt it would matter much if there was a very slight difference just due to animation themes but the Cloud is far superior than any other mount.

Well, to be honest. That’s a mistake.

I’m not justifying this lack of communication or potential underhanded tactics but as a consumer you should know that anything stat based is never the best for long. Esp a F2P game.

I bought the platinum founder pack for the skins only.
I fully expected all other things in the pack to be trivialized by later content. The Cerberus double jump was a surprise to me and so was the Train +4% but I don’t expect either to last.

I would be fine with Cerberus also being normalized. Like I mentioned I own both these mounts.