Golden cloud mount is still bugged

The cd got reverted but the charge distance is now way lower. The team said that they will revert the changes, it has been probably over a week now and still nothing. Any ETA on the fix?

Sadly this was not a bug but an intentional nerf to the mount.

Thanks for pointing this out, Bluecogs. I’m listing this as the solution in case anyone else uses the search feature of the forum and is wondering about this :thinking: .

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wait but AGS staff said it is a bug. so did AGS really just pull a bait and switch after “lying” about fixing it back and charging money for the mount only to nerf it within a month?
In that case you should probably mark don’t spend money on the game as a solution, yes I am a bit salty

gotta say the way it was communicated sucks

It could have been better for sure. I think that communication between SGR and AGS in general needs to be improved. We still don’t have any kind of official patch notes for the changes that were made to mounts. You can find the KR version of those notes here: (Site is currently down for maintenance)

but they definitely should have included something about it in our notes as well.
I think it was pretty clear from the official responses to this that AGS was completely in the dark.

So yes. Lots of room for improvement :slightly_smiling_face:

The AGS staff have basically no information about in-game items. There is just no communication between AGS and Smilegate as far as I can tell; as this mount was nerfed 2 months ago in Korea, but they did not bother to tell us until we paid for it.


  • Reverted the dash distance changes on the Radiant Golden Cloud mount. The cooldown for the dash remains at 5 seconds.

Looks like after all the backlash they received they have decided to revert this change.

so the CM’s gave me wrong information 3 times now. Happy about the change but guys, get your poopa together