Golden frog purchase bug

i caanot purchase items from the golden frog, when attempting to do so i get a message saying you cannot use or equip item. I have included a screenshoot for your refrence.

Thank you

Its quite surprising that being able to do this their first approach was to block its storage and usage instead of its purchasability.

Hey there!

Thank you for your report, could I have your character name and server?

guess you just ignoring the message under your chat box in the bottom left corner that tells you whats its about?
and also not looking in the offical news section which also tells you about this.

also theres a big blue box with a message about this when you enter the forum.

@khepera033 There are certain items in the exchange shop that you listed that are currently bugged. We are aware of this issue but still appreciate your report.

Here is a link to the official information: Twinkle Twinkle Exchange Shop Update

Character name Klipan server Kharmine

Is there a way to block tegeek or anyone else that wants to be sarcastic and toxic? im just trying to help i dont need these type of replies

FYI is was not tyring to purchase the leapstone chest. No activities related to honor shards at all

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Heya @khepera033

Thank you for the additional information. I believe accounts have to be at a certain trust level to ignore other players - so I apologize if you are unable to do so.

Since there was an update regarding the shop, I wanted to touch base and make sure you’re still having this issue!

Same problem here. Plz help …
Rmnboom server Ezrebet

im just seeing this but thank you for reaching back out to help me

do you still need help?