Goldsellers when are you gonne do something against this?

So are you ever gone do something about the bots and the goldsellers or can they just do whatever they want ?
Reporting them literally does 0, same names after reporting them several times on different days…
Also you cant report them in PF so they can clearly do whatever the fuck they want…

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It’s been like 2 months that AGS did NOTHING against this!
I posted like 2 posts about BOTS in the same location for 3 days!

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Its annoying af in my opinion also detroys the economy

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The most funny is that AGS loose money because of this dudes

Literally i move 5 inches they are everywhere

Short-term yes, but accounts suspected of engaging in RMT are typically banned as well, so Amazon would lose out regardless.

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Ok, but why they just don’t BAN that dude spamming site?

To be fair; why is Gold tradable?

I assume to promote the use of alt accounts but surely there could be better checks to only permit gold trading within a player’s roster.

I might be missing something here.

Either that or a higher tax on sending gold to friends/other players.

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If you look into it, prices have gone up for gold. So I guess AGS are slowly getting rid of the supply.

You will always get accounts spamming regarding gold in a f2p membership game.

Oof. Knew I was missing something. So other than the fact the AH could still be manipulated to get gold into the hands of other players, the ability to trade gold is kinda, pointless?