Gonna make a support is artist a good support

you know artist also has shield right?

artist can literally drop the orb right on you or next to you.

the orb is insta you can literally use it between skills if its near you. the only time you have to “give up” is the time it takes to get to the orb. which you would have to spend moving to bards heal circle AND stay inside it.

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Bard is the god support.
Artist is the most fun support.
Paladin is the chillest support.

I would say that Paladin = Artist but the end of the day Bard will be the best.
I have a Paladin but its hella boring compared to Artist.

I personally dont like that you have to aim shields and you have to force DPS to press G to get heal. IMO DPS should just dps and not interact with anything.

Bard is the best imho

Artist is more difficult, as far as I could see in these two days: need a good positioning to hit allies and it’s a mess when they scatter everywhere…many teammates don’t know exactly what to do with orbs…it’s like “aaaah I need a heal, and they teleport far away” or “what do I do with this orb? is it a mech? do I have to take or avoid it?” ;D it’s very very funny anyway

it’s conceived really well, a pleasure to watch its animations … Also, it reminds me the Elin of Tera… therefore always in my <3

i actually mvp in my first deska/gr with artist, 75% counters lol. Maybe bec i already played 3 bards 1 paly for a long time.

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