Good alt classes? since my main is still unreleased/unannounced

Im looking for easy classes, biggest dmg for fast chaos dungeons and fast guardians, without high cost engravings, im just gonna use them to farm shards to pool when my main is released…

How is it your main when you’ve never played it before?

It doesn’t hurt to just pick a class and see if you like it. That “main” may of may not be out for a couple of months. Just play the game on a character that looks fun.

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Well thats the problem, all the characters that look fun for me arent released yet…

just play what you want, create classes because they are “op” is not a good idea

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pretty much this. choose a class you enjoy over how much dmg it does

Pick any class that seems somewhat interesting to you. Use it to gather materials for whenever your main is released.

Nothing unreleased is gonna WOW you.

If anything, they are more finicky for less damage than say BERSERKER.

Scouter - pew pew, does decent damage, iron man once in a while with a limited skill set.

Lance master - basic hack and slash, no real mechanical differences than say wardancer.

Destroyer - squishier and slower gunlancer.

Reaper - squishiest ninja with mediocre dps.

Artist - support with better skill animation but no1 sees your support orbs.

Arcana - dated skill animation, memorize cards or just yolo.

Summoner - you casting spells more often than summons, your aoes just look like horses and birds instead of fire and lightning.