Good Job AGS on getting SH Research and more!

Just wanted to give kudos to AGS(and ofc players who took a stand) on being able to get the SH research!

Very excited to play my alts now!

And quite impressed that AGS is taking a stance against the loot boxes. Really love the idea of being able to buy things via blue crystals(and hence earned gold).
Wished Neria’s shop was like this, since it could only be bought with royal crystals. And ppl were abusing it on the auction house, by flipping the costumes at the expense of our pheons.

Things were looking very bleak lately, and this latest announcement gives hope!


Yea, say we wont get it in june/july and then giving it to us. Great choices being made there mate.

What you are complaining about is SG’s fault. AGS only relayed what SG’s decision was, and AGS also were the ones that convinced SG to change their mind after hearing player feedback.