Good job so far

We had a lot of spoilers for what’s to come, in addition to good confirmations during the week. Roxx today confirmed that the update post will arrive later today, and this is very positive given the scenario that the other updates were. Not to mention they will be extending the daily login in parallel with the new one.

The only problems were the delivery of an express 1370 (which although I do not agree and think that the 1415 should come, it was not a mistake), in addition to the lack of ads and hype in the update.

In any case, congratulations Amazon, you are on the right path.


Nonono. You dont put words in her mouth that she didnt even say again do you?

She Replied to the login reward Post and said Full Post comes later.

A positive thread? here? Impossible

The full post is referring to the patch notes guy, they won’t do a FULL POST just to say that the login will extend, haha

EDIT: Just as she also replied, that it will not delay the update (which is also a positive)

it would be funny tho. lol

I’m all for one to have proper (low) expectations, but at least know what you’re talking about before retorting like that.

He replied in a toxic and harsh way, and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

In EU day end in 1H30 min idk for NA time right now :slight_smile:

Notes usually come out in 2-3h compared to now but that’s it… It may not come. I was waiting for tomorrow, but with roxx’s post i was a little anxious for today

wait you think patch note will pop today ? hum

look roxx activities or /\ top comment guy

y but i mean generaly sg send patch notes to ags the day before patch not 2 day before kinda strange but if it’s the case good news

That’s why the post, good expectations, and if that happens, are on the right path

should have do the post if this happened not before :smiley: i hope you wont regret!

high doses of COPE

Oh where is the word UPDATE? Right there is none.

She could make a Full blogpost about the loginerewards and you guys Would go apeshit again because.

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I agree with the lack of hype advertisement is quite odd. I thought it was just growing pains at the start but it seems drop all the hype the day before is the norm.

While I agree they’re not doing things right all the time, they did announce set dates and information weeks behind the update, and that’s something to be appreciating compared to last updates.

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taths it

EDIT: and it seems that communication is improving

Now you’re being asinine lmao. Just the L and move on.