Good job with the bot banwave

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Why do low IQ people obsess over the steam chart number?

Does the game work? Yes
Are there people to play with? Yes
What else matters?

They will come back. There is no hope.

Players matter to me. I don’t want to play MMO with robots. Yes. I can respect small amount of bots, but this game has 70% of bots…

Do you just stand around staring at bots seething with anger then go swear at the steam charts number? I dont get you dooomers.

The game has some issues. Hopefully they fix them. Big whoop. If you aren’t enjoying yourself why keep coming back?

Why are there so many steam count andies on this forum…shit is so annoying. “Yikes 85k players ded game” stuff is so cringe.

Not every one in these servers are from Eu or Na oceanic players are on here as well and when the Americans sleep we play lol

I literally don’t give a single shit. I come online. There are players. Everything is happening. And additionally to that i am from smaller server

Man since when is 100k concurrent players a bad thing. I’ve played so many mmorpgs in my life, majority of them had 5-10k concurrent players and I felt like it was crowded and had always people to do stuff with. At the current moment in LA I can do the most random things at any given hour. I’m getting instant ques for random ass guardians and random ass low tier dungeons. I’ve done arena against different people consistently at late AM hours.
Just enjoy the reduction of bots n stop being a steam chart Andy, it’s cringe.