Good luck if you have a problem now

As the title states good luck to those who have a problem with the game. With the new Support Site for us getting help with an in game problem Contact Us | Amazon Games you can now wait for who knows how long for a fix.
While playing my Artist I went to enter a dungeon and the game crashed and now if I try to log in on her the game crashes so she is now Unplayable. This problem occurred Wednesday morning, I posted here expecting it would be fixed within 10-15m with the fine people looking after this page but not any longer with having to post your problems on the new site.
My Artist name is Arteenia and I am playing on the Azena

Hello there @DevinnDark,

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t receive assistance before, I will gladly assist you with your character, I will attempt to relocate your character so please remember to be offline while I do this.

I will be right back!

Update: I tried locating your character with the name: Arteenia but I’m getting no results, could you please double check the name and let me know if it’s correct?


Thank you so much, you guys/gals here are the best. Logging out of the game now

My artist name is Artteenia and she is on the Azena server

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Hi @DevinnDark,

Thank you for the information, I will check once again, please wait a few minutes for me.

Be right back.

Update: I have relocated your character, please do a Steam file check verification before logging in and let me know if you are able to access the character.


Thank you for your fast service/help, she is now playable

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