Good Luck Tomorrow and remember


Just tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy. Tap Tap Taparoo.


:clown_face: imagine expecting to be able to play lost ark on patch day.


imagine doing a server merge on a major content release cause there was not a 1 month timeline befor that, where we had 0 new content


As NA player you can expect it. As EU not.


NA is also down right now during their primetime. Maybe if you could play from 10am-6pm… but than they take servers down at 6pm lol… It honestly feels like AGS Is trying to kill their game on purpose.

“OMG NA IS DOWN” First time NA down!?=!?=!!=

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They could play before, there are people who already clean g1 g2 and maybe there are some that even could g3

Oh no 2h in primetime offline. Meanwhile EUC 16h offline starting at 9am. So a whole day offline for work people. Not only 2h.


lol you are assuming the servers will actually come back up in 2 hours… based on past experience that is not true.

Based on AGS, we seen it. NW and now lost ark. lul what a joke

This post was awesome, man I loved that movie. So good man so good.

How do people click on this post and still manage to complain about mundane things without even acknowledging how awesome that movie was.

Must all be kiddies too young to know.

if is more than 2 for you is for us too, so 18 hours in total lmao for EUC

It’s already restarting

even if it takes 4h. NA still can play since its then only 10pm for them not 3am.


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