Good morning everyone

How are you all doing on this fine and a wonderful day?

Great thanks for asking :smiley: Forum drama helping me procrastinate from my assignments~
Hope you’re also doing well!

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I like seeing the world burn in these forums during my load times, been 3 days and I’m yet to see a single thread about the content within the update such as the cutscenes, events that happened during south vern, the new “Anguished Isle” etc. Just nothing but people saying no content, skins bad and lost ark pass sucks or my personal favourite - I cannot read and applied the express pass to my main.

Sadge cause I am at work with so much to do in Arkesia

Quite fine fellow gamer
Have spent half day doing stuff outside the game. And now will spend half day to catch up all dailies i have missed :sweat_smile:
What about you? @Stormtaker

m8 seriously have you seen how it`s showed in game?
i sit half day on forums so thats lucky on my side but with 3k t3 honing mats showed on the box im 70% sure i would get it on wrong char to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Realsing patch notes in middle of the night for EU is not helping to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re mistaking can’t read with didn’t read…and honestly I would never expect reading patch notes before playing a game to be mandatory anyway. They are there for the people that want so see the minutiae details of technical change and bug fixes etc. they shouldn’t be relied upon to explain to players how major content works. This should be intuitive within the game and if it isn’t, then that is bad game design.