Good Talk, much was explained

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we’ve had updates like this before
there dog shit
why do they need to do maintenance every week when they aren’t doing any work?
is a little man going in and resettings everyones legion raids and sending out all the stuff.

it’s 2023 we shouldn’t need to reboot a server every week!!


“Weekly restart, no fixes or anything. See you in Arkesia.”

I like my version better.


Were you expecting something else? It has been abandoned since July, what more signs do you need?

The game was a dumpster fire that burned bright enough to be seen from space.


Too many adventures are using this service, please complain again later



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bro literally waits for the official maintenance post just to complain that AGS has said nothing. Dude get a life srsly.

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You used to be such a friendly guy, what happened?

Im tired of passive aggressive Karens in the forums

Finding it funny that the first official communication after the holidays was just a blank page with a maintenance window isn’t really complaining lol


that’s the automated weekly maintenance post. This has nothing to do with everything else you are expecting clarification on.

And you know it. You’ve been here long enough. Do you want them to answer your questions in the official maintenance post?

Also, when you are waiting for a reponse you need to be ready for both an answer you want and an answer you don’t want.

Literally all i see is people holding their knives waiting for AGS to say something they dont like only to jump on them and skin them alive.


I would’ve supported you against him, but we’re friends.


I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.

Also I really don’t have any questions these days, the roadmap draws out the future pretty clearly, the servers/market is going to be broken until they aren’t broken anymore, it all is what it is really.

Don’t take making light of something as trying to wage a war on that something :slight_smile: Sometimes it’s just fun to troll around man.

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You know the amount of snowflakes in here, do you think they are waiting for an “innocent” post to troll around? Look at the comments above mine :).

Anyways, if everything was sorted out for you in the roadmap you wouldnt be making such posts. We both know it.

Sure I would, but I do enjoy being a shit disturber :rofl:

There really isn’t much AGS/SG can come back to the community with these days anyway. At best what, they fold and push Artist earlier? They apologize again for the broken servers?

But yeah this honestly just amused me to see is all, only because it was the first actual official post (at least I think, I don’t believe any CMs have been around today?)

Cheer up homie, i’m sure i’ll give you something to call me out on before to much longer, it’s just been a quiet few days :slight_smile:

We’re all friends around here, one big happy dysfunctional family


i mean what’s the point of this weekly maintenance it’s not gonna fix anything, there will still be dc’s crashes client dieing for no reason, bot’s everywhere and so on

from it standpoint view that 4h each week have a loot of sense they have time for maintance, bkps and so on
there are ways to not disturb players/users obviously with all that but that would require some extra resources and work
its making me really, really, really curious how blizzard servers infrastructures looks from inside (it deviation, sorry :slight_smile: )

Happy disconnect. :kissing_heart:

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