Good time to jump back in?

Afked after septempber. Have a 1505 gl, 1480 destroyer, 5 1460+ and 6 1445 characters on my account.

Good time to jump back in? Can I just go do brelshaza on my gl? Or am I gonna get gate kept into oblivion?


gunlancers are like supports
if you stumble on a good enough dps group you can even fill the support role

it will take you a few weeks to get 1520 though for 5-6

if i were you i’d just get 5 alts to 1480 for clown instead of prioritizing 1520 on the gl
and you’d just get it through time with gear transfer and pretty cheap taps with bound mats

God no it’s not. The game is about as stable as a drunk pogo sticking through an earthquake


come back there already bussing brel normal ez set upgrade. Don’t have to worry bout the gatekeeping.

Sure if you got nothing better do, But i recommend not come back now, there are so many randoms dc, there are more bots then before, They don’t listen players, and more and more.
Even i thinking taking break as there is nothing in 4 month, and we will see if i ever come back this game as they keep failing us and making this game worse.
But up to you :slight_smile:

yeah its cheaper than clown
which is odd

better forget this game my man, you missed the time while it was still relevant by quitting

if you enjoy either dc’ing or the majority of your party dc’ing during raids then sure it’s a perfect time to jump back in

otherwise it’s a perfect time to keep on walking and never looking back

login and do brel raid 1-4 once a week then logout and rinse repeat for 4 months until brel hard then rinse repeat for another 4 months until new raid.

Welcome to lost ark 8 months of vacation.

isnt clown like 15k max?

clown bussing has very high demand from the bussers
unlike vykas valtan or brel which don’t really have any harsh requirements

clown is ass to bus
but i’d agree it’s overpriced as the rider has to play the game

Clown you can only bus 1 person at a time, which means supply is lower than demand meaning higher prices.
guessing with brel they can probably carry 4 people at once? meaning more supply and reduces demand

How the fuck does a GL get gatekept in the first place if gear is alright :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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