Good Update - Thank you for listening!

I am not really a fan of most of the directions AGS/SG has taken this game, but great job on the update. You listened, and did something. Player feedback is important, and watching you listen is the big first step. Hopefully you can keep it up.


The update is trash besides vykas tbh

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1460 buff is nice. Removal of Yoz Jar is great.

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you know its customary in canada to pass the bowl after you take a puff right friend?

gimme some of that good shit

( i am not being serious about the topic, but very serious about you should share the good stuffs)

I generally hate this westernized version of LA, but they actually listened a bit this time around. Not saying they are saints by any means, but at least they didn’t completely screw the pooch like they have for the last 3 months of updates.