Good websites / discord channels which show current merchants?

for example from players stronghold merchants. (where you can buy runes and sailors). or the npcs which travel around the maps. i dont know much about travel one them. should you always buy their cards, rapport gifts etc? how much is it important to visit them?

I use for card/rapport from Wandering merchants. You can set alarms and stuff for certain cards/rapport items.

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is there a way to see where they are? without to teleport multi times over the maps? i dont really know their locations.

Yea you can hover over the location of the merchant that it shows and it will show you a map.

ah thx. so i wait to wait til they spawn? because if i hover now over their names it doesnt shows me maps. i thought the merchants are always there and they just change after a time their location. do you know what spawn time they have? for example do they just spawn every 2 hours for 10 minutes, 1 hour etc?

So you pick what region/server you’re on, then select what merchants/cards/rapport items you want to be notified about. When the merchants spawn people on the site give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to confirm that said merchants have said cards/rapport items. It’s basically a community effort. I usually have this open when I’m gaming and get a few pings a day to when cards/rapport items I want spawn.

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do you think the gifts and cards are worth the money? or are they too expensive?

Random cards are not worth purchasing as they’re not necessary and you’ll eventually get them from packs over time. Important set piece cards are 100% worth it and the rapport are worth the price if there are still important NPCs you need to build a relationship with ex. Nia for omnium stars, Beatrice for giants hearts, Nineveh for waifu in stronghold, etc. The silver prices are reasonable but be careful to monitor how much silver you spend on anything as it’s an important currency for honing your gear.

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Saint Bot Discord:

Useful for Wei.