Goodjob AGS for banning gold farmer

I am chinese player that grew up here in EU, and since i speak the language i did join a few huge chinese lost ark communities. Note that just because you are chinese, it doesn’t mean you are playing in China through VPN, many of us are born here / international students.

However, a lot of people in that community are indeed playing through VPN cause they are actually living in China. While some of them are gamers just like us, many of them are gold farmers. I’m not talking about gainning gold from doing maps, i am talking about using script to get gold from leveling multiple account.

Today i saw alot of them getting banned, i just want to say good job amazon, and share the fact that amazon is indeed working on this problem. Now i don’t know if this will make the crystal market recover, but aye, hope this prevents some problems in the future.