Google trends shows LA is dying faster than NW,%2Fg%2F11b7xq3y50
Will Lost Ark have the same fate as New World?


They are waiting to patch the game before to make ads I think

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Steam charts shows that new world died faster than Lost Ark.
But tell me. why google :smiley:


Wait, a game lost players and interest after launch?


Pack it up boys Lost Ark is dead.

Gold River said he wanted 200k concurrent players in the western version, when it dips below that and stays there Lost Ark might be in trouble.


Metric andies

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Lost Ark has one magically ingredient that new world lacks. So, I doubt it.

NW was so terrible i hit level 45 and quit

Google Trends means nothing. It’s just how much are people searching for “Lost Ark”. I’m not googling anything about it, I have all necessary websites open on my laptop and I just use them.


Well, time to pack it up, I was just about to do dailies but if it’s dead there’s no point!

Oh wait, I like the game… guess I’ll stay.


While I don’t want to dunk on NW unnecessarily, if Lost Ark had the level of problems NW had, the google trends graph would probably be even higher since people would be searching for that juicy news. Hell, I’ve never even played new world and even I followed its rapid, comical tale of demise.

Google Trends is a terrible metric for pretty much anything outside of “buzz”. Steamcharts will at least give you accurate concurrents information, but even that is incomplete if you want to know how many people are actually playing a game actively in total.

The reason for this is the “fool me once” adage is true, and they (admittedly) f-- up an already and alienated consumers. Not beyond repair, they will stabilize eventually, but it’s sad.

You watch too much Asmongold


Asmongold doesn’t even talk about player metrics. His outdoor statement was quite tame and direct and was clearly heard by developers.

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What a stupid way to judge how popular a game is. People aren’t googling for Lost Ark anymore because they’ve already favorited all their favorite websites/builds/guides they use.

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He said he expected 200k at launch and said if he had 50~60k left he’d be happy. Obviously the 50~60k goal would change since he got almost 7x his expectation but just wanted to clear out some misinformation


What about EU continent?

Google trends right now is useless. All the initial buzz & curiosity is over. Unfortunately I think some people are going to have to face the fact LA is not for them & go back to WoW or FFXIV or wherever and that’s ok. Not every game can be for every player. Nothing wrong with saying “you know what? This isn’t my type of game” and never logging in again.

Keep thinking NW is NeverWinter…