Got DCed and lost a Valtan run

What is the process to get that ticket, when it does’t come by mail? (yes, I waited 1 full day)

Edit: Valtan was with 2% HP, when my client froze… Maybe there is some kind of bug with the “DC detector software”, when the boss HP is too low? Hope this helps you guys fixing these kind of bugs with your game.

Hello @Juyen !

Unfortunately we don’t have a way to re-grant daily or weekly entries to content manually, we have a system that takes care of this type of situations. Please keep in mind that the current system will only allow for access to be re-granted for players who experience a verified crash or outage issue on the game server side; this will not cover local internet issues or other potential causes of disconnects.

Here’s an official post about this where you can check how it works:
Update to Timed and Ticketed Content Lockouts (Update to Timed and Ticketed Content Lockouts)

The team is aware of the disconnection problems as they announced a few weeks ago in here (An Update to Disconnect Issues).

Thanks for understanding, and let me know if I can help with anything else.