Got disconnected at the end of P3 Argos, didnt get loot

Hi, I (Nythriel), from EU-Beatrice just did the weekly Argos run with 6 other guildmates, we did all 3 phases of Argos smoothly but I got disconnected at in the last 2 minutes of the fight. Upon logging back in, I was still in the raid group and instance and can see the victory screen (screenshot).

I was not getting carried or bussed, but still, because of a disconnect that forces the game client to close completely and takes around 4 minutes to relaunch I was unnable to get any loot…

Understandably, I am very frustrated by this since this was our first time doing Argos as a guild group.

Is there anything that can be done? doubt it but I have hope

i dced at the start of p1, party decided to stop the raid but the game says that i claimed the rewards lol, i contact the support, from what i got, if you didnt get a re-entry ticket when you recconected, they really cant help you, like at all, even if they want to, which is weird lol

:upside_down_face: sigh

I didn’t get anything, the DC happened after all the wipe mechanics, and it was dead before the client reopened TT_TT

I mean…really? entry count exceeded and rewards claimed? I dont think so, the game even knows I got no gold from this…

This is just very infuriating…

Edit: Another thing that is very bothersome, if you disconnect because of a hiccup with your internet service why does the game have to close down all the way??? it should not be that hard to kick us out to the server selection menu and add a reconnect button to avoid having to reload all the resources…my internet was back and live before the game client gave the message saying it lost connection and it would now close.

I can’t imagine how You’re losing month of progress because You got randomly disconnected during the Raid. It’s a very very poorly designed way to deal with it. I’ve had enough of this and I’m quitting Lost Ark for now becuase I’m locked out of progress because of my connection.

I’ve talked to Amazon Support and basically they told me to f* myself because they can’t do sh*t.

Please, Smilegate, fix the issue, or don’t kick us out of the game when our connection is missing for more than 5s, just log us out or something.

When You fix it, let me know.

I hear ya, its very poorly designed, I cant understand the thought process that leads them thinking its ok to force close the client on a DC when it already takes 3-5 minutes for it to relaunch regardless of you PC’s specs, and then proceed to apply the dungeon leaver penalty before you have a chance to reconnect? that is quite a game blocking issue for anyone with a less then perfect connection…

Will Smilegate address this issue?

I’m very frustrated, I’ve been playing alot of LA since EU launch and I just quitted because of this. I just want my weekly Argos back.

I think odds of them doing anything about it are lower than honing rates XD

Jk aside I dont even think a forum mod or spokeperson will reply to this post.

But cest la vi, nothing is fair, thinking that a big company will go out of their way to help a user is quite a reach these days. Unless you have the clout, which I dont.

So I just remember that next time I think about swiping for anything on the shop :man_shrugging:

Well, someone who’s swiping surely doesn’t care about losing that small amount of gold and progress like P3 Argos :wink:

But yea, if the issue won’t be addressed, I hope that more people will see posts like this and think about it.

I should clarify, I swipe the good event passes (not skins) and I bought a medium amount of crystal aura benefits. I am very much a baby fish in a large large ocean.
And I do care about the lost materials and gold, I worked hard to earn them and not getting is still got me very peeved.