Got disconnected while doing Valtan(Hard)

While doing Valtan(Hard) Legion Raid, I got disconnected during gate 1 and I dont know if my party was able to finish the raid. When I logged back in, I can not re-enter the raid any Gates (1-2). I hope I can get a ticket for my Valtan (Hard) raid.

IGN: Parzzcel
Server: NA West Enviska

Hello @Parzz ,

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I am sorry to know that you got disconnected and have lost the ticket for the raid. However , I would like to inform you that we now have a system which automatically re-adds the ticket in these cases. Please check the entire post on this link for more clarity.

I hope this helps.

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if your party finished the raid while you dc’d you dont get a ticket. if they quit without finishing the raid you get a ticket.