Got kicked because of "AFK"

Hey guys… So i went to do my weekly 3x cube tickets and the 3 zerker premades decided to kick me, because i was “afk”. I lost the lost the loot for that, but the funniest thing is that i was the only one alive on the trial and was one shooting boss stages lol… Anyways, apparently u have to chase every mob you see on the map when its a normal stage, not stand in the middle to gather them all up? I feel like this situation was not fair from my point of view… I played SH and i don’t have the AOE going around killing every little mob there is, whereas zerkers have the spin thingy, so its easier for them… So just be careful playing it smart in the cube, cuz some people don’t have the brain to play it smarter… :smiley:

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Report them

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I can’t… i dont know their names, they were from another server also

Oh wait, i found them in “Recently played”. I’ll do that right now

Yeah. Saw some braindead people like that. I was warned and reported because I was standing in the middle and clearing mobs with my AoE spells on my sorc (funny enough it was also zerk player since he was raging on chat but gave up when no one bothered to answer him) so apparently if you don’t run and spin you are doing something wrong.

The worst part is that i lost 3x tickets and support can’t do anything to give them back to me lol

report are totaly useless for that btw :slight_smile:

I found a solution… If you get warned one warning by these idiots, just ALT + F4 from the game… Atleast this way you will get back your tickets

that won’t get tickets back as the d/c wasn’t caused by the game

you never get tickets refunded for cube, boss rush

refund entries are exclusive abyss raid, legion, abyssal dungeon

guardian raids, cube,boss rush are not elgible for ticket refunds since they arent limited entry

No, you do get a refund. I recently got refunded my boss rush ticket, cuz i lost the connection and when i logged back in, i got it back, same with guardian soul… They might’ve changed it recently. I lost connection because my internet dissconnected… So it’s the same as ALT + F4 'ing the game

lol attach an autochat with your skills. It’s a double win because you’ll get to annoy everyone and they will all be certain you’re not afk.

they only refund if the dungeon is quit, so the people in your groups must’ve quit once you d/cd

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cube doesnt refund since you get rewarded when you quit

alt f4 does not refund tickets, can personally confirm that

I got them back :o