Got locked out of Abyssal Dungeon, support refuses to help


Like many of you, yesterday I got locked out of Abyssal dungeons.
I have done Sea of Insolence and then I wanted to do Tranquil Karkosa and after many issues trying to get a party I finally got teleported inside and after seeing my character for a split second I got booted back to the city and my entry got used up as if I’ve completed the dungeon. I can’t re-enter it and I can’t do the next one either which essentially bans me from progression for a whole week (since the reset just happened) which is ridiculous.

Date / Time: 02.18.2022 / 10:50 CET (+/- 5 minutes or so)
Character: Solthus
Server: EU Procyon
Dungeon: Tranquil Karkosa

I have seen on the forum that the Lost Ark team is refusing to help people and telling them to wait until the reset which is absolutely ridiculous. Many of which (including myself) are paying customers.

I have seen that multiple people are receiving reset tickets in their in-game mail after several hours so of course I tried making a comment under one of the posts and I have messaged the support and received the following reply:

They are implying that they could fix the issue if it was related to a maintenance but since it isn’t they are not going to do anything about it. Also since some people already received the reset tickets apparently there’s also preferential treatment. This is unacceptable. Thousands of players are experiencing this issue which essentially locks them out of gear progression, abyss dungeon progression, farming honing materials, engraving books etc for a whole week !

Since weeklies just got reset the issue should get immediately resolved and people should receive reset tickets or another emergency weekly reset should happen again. This is no way to treat your customers.


I would like to add that the same thing has happend with a Ghost Ship which btw I have done in the very morning when the population was the lowest. People went in, there were too few of us so we left to do it later when there are more people but the weekly entry got used up saying that I have already claimed the rewards while nobody killed the boss.


Yeah got pretty much the same answer here :

There is no way they are going to ignore hundreds if not thousands of people down the line, right? We want our weekly entry(ies) restored, as do many many other people and we seem to be getting ignored. This is quite annoying, to put it mildly. If the servers can’t handle the people, limit the damn people even further or just give free transfers/copies of accounts to the new server. This issue will persist as long as the server is being put under the stress that it receives on a daily basis. If they don’t do something about it, we’ll simply see the number of people reporting this same issue increase by a few factors by the end of the week, when people are done pushing and just do their runs. Really hope they do something about these truly frustrating entry voids.

We will see but from what ive read, we will be left on the side for a week, while some got the cool treatement of getting it refunded. Sadly we can just wait for now and see what happen.

I am very disappointed with the response from amazon, I have been blocked twice since doing “Sea of Indolence” A week ago and this week, I have put two tickts on it, for the second one I have not received a response yet, while for the first one I have received a response :

"I’m sorry for the inconvenience that this has cause you, I know How frustrating this can be to you, If I were in your position I would feel the same

As much I would love to help you, your entry has been already use and we cannot provide you another one."

And now i read that there are in game tickets/items that could allow me another entry, so it means your support is lying about not being able to help you just don’t want to help us… I’m being really frustrated over this situation…

That tilts me just reading it. If a few can get refunded, everyone can. They just need to actually care about it

Same thing happened to me today with Amazon Support …they don’t care,
If it`s not Affecting NA it doesn’t matter …seems to be the fix

i heard about a service for 15€ to reset your abyssal dungeon weekly count

It’s not just the abyssal dungeons guys. Now the same thing has happened to Ghost Ships. I went in the morning when there were few people on. There were quite few of us but not enough to defeat the boss so people left. I was like, ok I’m gonna come back later on when there are more people. I went there again few hours later and what do I see ? Apparently I have already claimed the reward even though nobody has killed the boss. Cool another weekly activity bugged.

Yeah exactly, after 20 minutes of trying to get into dungeon it loaded, then after about 5 seconds it loaded back to town. Now weekly entry is exceeded.

Tranquil Karkosa