Got my first +20 wep and

just got my first +20 wep in game and i wasn’t even excited. :confused:

it was at 47.6% artisan, last week, and at that point I knew what was gonna happen…and yeah I pitied it today… so last 2 weeks of dailies and mat selling for a pretty pity, i figured i would at least be half excited or something…yeah nah…

i got to take a break from this game now, its wearing me down slowly, and after that defeat i think I’m going to back off.

between the past 3 WEEKs of TRYING vykas as a solo pugger, and i CANNOT for the life of me get past gate 2, and then, wasting everything i had to this depression icon (weapon), gezz, yeah i really need to drop this like its hot for now otherwise if i continue ill just end up hating the game.

oh and before you ask - no i don’t die on vykas, like at all…hell i could speed run solo if that was possible, its just, like you’d guess, the damn fried potatoes i get as players, wiping to wing mech, or simple stagger check…like wtf its only gate 2!!!.. I’m at the point where i don’t even need to use pots anymore…but lone be hold one player has to F it up…so good, and yes it really HAS been 3 weeks for me now, this week will be my 4th. that’s IF i even try it now - which i doubt. so done with baked potato players ~

while I’m taking a break ill have to reconsider even coming back if i cant beat vykas pugging what’s the point? there still is more to come and if I’m failing at this low of raid it will be even worse later.

and i tryed the ‘‘just get a static or join a guild’’ route, in short;

  • no guild wants to wait for me wondering if when i can login due to life etc.
  • i cant be in a static group due to outside responsibility
  • i work 14-16 hr days on weekdays, if im lucky i get 30mins to a hr on a good day at BEST to myself weekdays, before i have to sleep and do it over again
  • weekends are for family time to catch up what i missed out during the weekday, again what ever remains is my time - usually not long
  • and the ‘friends’ i did/do have online either end up doing the weekly runs before weekend anyways, and when i am available they have a lockout


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If we can pug vykas on 5 alts a week, you can too.


i pitied my wep too…on my bard. the glow was def worth though

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yeah you have now realized why Lost Ark is not casual friendly.
This is where many casuals will quit or have quit with vykas.

The raids get harder for pugs/casuals with no statics and the stress ruins the fun aspect.

it won’t change as raids get harder and honing becomes even more painful like a job just to keep up and enjoy recent content.

Lost Ark in a nutshell.


u like to talk the game bad i gues

Because it is bad as it is not casual friendly…

What’s the playerbase MMO’s have to please to retain players?

The casuals.

What’s wrong about pointing out where the game has flaws?

You know this to be true too.

There is no stagger check in Gate 2.

don’t worry when we get 1560 ilvl gear next year you can hit matchmaking and finish your gate 3

since u release u can have ez 6 roster t3 chars, what are u talking no casual friendly by all the things we get,

since u can have ez 6 roster chars to t3 what are u talking about no alt friendly

u dont need static for pubs with alts just search decent groups without saying 1 shot or quit

ofc raid get harder and honing take longer its like in every mmo

get out you bubble

I’m not talking about me.
I’m doing just fine.
Except I understand it from the point of a casuals perspective which…you lack severely…

People like you refuse to understand it from the point of a casual who can’t play everyday or don’t want to play alts doing the same daily/weeklies on 6+ alts…like it’s a job with abysmal honing rates…

You are also talking about the NA/EU/SA region where we had to NERF…yes that’s right NERF t1-t2 guardians and abyss dungeons because over 80% of players (casuals) were quitting those dungeons.

So let’s do the math.



That’s almost 80% of players that quit hmmm coincidence?

The game lacks casual friendly endgame.

I reckon 1340 up to 1370-1400 is where MANY casuals have quit because of honing.
And many who are just now realizing the hard raids are now quitting because of difficulty and honing.

You should get out of your bubble that is very small compared to the many casuals who make up the playerbase.

Recently got 1415, and getting denied for nm valtan. Nothing really weird with my build, but it makes me not want to turn the game on because I can’t progress to the next set of gear if people gonna deny me for normal mode valtan. :slight_smile:

first its not a job, second player can chose there own pase without fomo

these are changes not for NA for all regions korea/ru/japa/eu etc, nothing u can changen

there is no CASUAL FRIENDLY END GAME in any END GAME Games wtf step out out you dense bubble wtf

u like saying casual i gues, the momment u start geting 1415 with valtan is the momment player can decide if its worth or not. u get so many free crap u know it.

dont forget LA got hyped hardcore on release with all this big streamer, the actuall numbers are oke

here a question

what i am casual or not?

yeah and they did choose…that’s why 80% of players quit?

No this happened in our version first…if it was implemented in the other regions after? No idea I doubt that.

yes there is…many games have side activity for casuals who don’t want to raid.
You probably don’t play a lot of mmo

I was pointing out that many casuals have left around this point because they have to treat the game like a job by making alts to keep up with content. This was before any honing increase or powerpass. Once people leave much harder to get them to get back.

You are not a casual if you have 8 characters with 7 characters at or above 1370…and 4 above 1400…

like you can’t even comprehend or try to understand the viewpoint of a casuals perspective compared to you…
It’s no surprise you don’t understand

What… I pug Vykas weekly with no troubles. Hate the game or not, hate the honing system which is very transparent or not, your problems are your own problems, not the game.

The funny part is that we are getting already nerfed raids on release, raids are hard in kr release and they nerf them after some time to make them more enjoyable for the average player.
But for some reason nerfed raids are still difficult for the average 3 iq west player.

About honing idk what to say, just don’t play kr mmos? Most of us playing kr mmos for years don’t care. ilvl is actually easy to get in this game compared to other damage increasing systems.

no dude big hype is gone and bann waves thats normal a Asia MMO is not for everyone

The nerf was implemnete in Korea, then RU/Japan then West release. If u doubt that google can help.

End Game means play the actuall Last things what are released on the content.
Side activity are not End Game.
If u want play Vykas HM u need to do something, if u want do Raid Mythic WoW u need to do something, if u want to raid newest raid in FF u need to do something etc.

On my view of point im full casual f2per, this game is not that hard to understand atm.

U play your main in the mean time u have free 2 chars with nord vern pass.

times goes by Main reach t3, 2 alts step by step too.

gold/time managment feiton pass 1 char, first express event next char now i have 2 next chars, in the mean time there is knowledge transfer, step by step alts geting t3 and there u just manage your dayli routine with rest bonus etc.

monday - friday 1-5hours dayli depens how much i wana invest.

Now u can buy punika pass with royal crystals if u want. there comming every next class express event with power pass. like in ru/japa and korea.

i have friends that play 1 char and reached 1460+ and the most time they have only weekends.

U know what casual for me is? Casual is just play. They dont care about end game and forum crap.

Oke im done have a nice day.

You aren’t a casual…

You are already playing the game like it’s a job with 8+ alts…

Like I said…you literally cannot mentality see from the point of a casuals perspective.

If you can beat t1-t2 guardians/dungeons with ease within the first month then you are not a casual.

The casuals were the ones who could NOT beat them with less than 10% or almost over 90% quitting them.

So these SAME people would obviously not be able to pug legion raids like valtan/vykas stress or even bear through the honing rates.

This is where the game falls flat…it’s flaw to retain the casuals and why people like OP are quitting…
That’s my point.

But you are trying to compare yourself with 8 alts and clearing legion raids to these players with probably 1-3 alts below 1400 and haven’t even touched legion raids and calling yourself a casual?..
your bar for the term casual is set too high or maybe it’s just your ego is too high considering you consider yourself a casual…
Which my points stands that you literally cannot understand or even intellectually think from a casuals perspective and why they are quitting or not enjoying the alts/honing rates/difficulty.
Like I said it’s no surprise.

Like sir you spent money to get character slots… you are not f2p…either

Why does this topic come up up everytime?

The game is out in kr for 3 years. People did Not Research how the game plays out especially in endgame. People are now frustrated because the game is Not Like they thougt it is?

I’m stuck at 22 now 20 percent and don’t want to succeed😖