Got myself stuck again in Bellion

Got myself stuck again in that map, kinda weird, since before the update i visited very often bellion. Need help to get unstuck.

Character name: Curadin

Character Class: Paladin

Character level: 60

Region Name: South America

Server Name: Arthetine

Hello @Sledeus,

I’m really sorry to hear about the situation with the stucked character.

Let’s try to solve this issue by relocating the character. I can see you are online so please close the game to move the character Curadin and in the meantime run an Steam file check just to discard corrupted files.

It will take a few minutes.

I’ve successfully relocated the character Curadin to Prideholme, remember to run the Steam file check and then try to login with your char.

Let me know how it goes!,
Best regards.